DCN February 2012 Natural Hair Meetup Recap

We hadn’t had a meetup since before Christmas so I was really missing my curlfriends!  I planned a quick and easy meetup and product swap on a Sunday afternoon at the delicious Jason’s Deli.  I hadn’t seen some of my peeps in months so it was nice to see all the changes we have made to our hair: Big Chop, color and hair finally long enough for two-strand twists!

Here’s a brief overview and links to the topics we discussed

  1. Of course the moisture question came up.  Remember to keep your hair moisturized first start with water, then add water based moisturizer (water should be the first ingredient) and follow with a sealant (oil/butter/hair grease). Here are two fav posts on this topic: Moisture and Layering Products.
  2. The 2012 World Natural Hair Show is April 28-29 in Atlanta GA.  For more info on this year’s show go to the website.  We had an absolute blast last year, check out my recap post.
  3. Making your own products at home is so simple and easy.  Here are my two posts on making your own whipped shea butter recipe1 and recipe2.  If you are looking for some yummy scent oils check out scentit.com.
  4. For adding daily moisture to your hair I am a fan of Komaza Care Califia Spritz, check out my review. But you can also make your own spritz and customize it to your liking with this recipe.
  5. Some of my new favorite products I brought to share with you though I have not reviewed were Bee Mine Bee Hold Curly Butter, Donna Marie Super Butter Cream, Mozeke Sweet Almond Pudding all of which are great for two-strand twists.
  6. Spring is coming and we talked about vibrant new colors this season.  For more info on henna or coloring your hair check out the posts.
  7. Lastly our meetup for the month of March is this Saturday March 17th 2:00 pm @ CharizYa Fitness.  The theme of this month’s meetup is Working Out With Natural Hair.  We will give tips on the best styles while working out, products to use to cleanse and moisturize, and fitness tips from the expert Michelle Yeager Turner who will also lead us in a Zumba class. Click this link to RSVP.

I had so much fun reconnecting with old curlfriends and meeting new ones!  Here are a few pictures from the event. To see all the pics check out DCN FB Page Album.


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