Model Chic: Te’Anna Williams

I am so proud to be able to introduce my friend and occasional hairstylist Te’Anna Williams. Te is a top 15 finalist in the Taliah Waajid 2013 World’s Next Top Hair Model contest.  I asked Te to do an exclusive interview with Derby City Naturals on her natural hair journey, being a natural hair stylist and her dreams of becoming a top model.

DCN: Hey Te tell me about yourself.

TW: [giggle] Hey girl, well I have been a natural hair stylist for 4 years and I have been modeling since 12.  I have always wanted to be a model but just got serious about pursuing it last year.

DCN: What do you love about your natural hair?

TW: Natural hair is fun! I love to change color and styles to express my mood.   I like to be funky and wild.  Flat twist-out, big curly hair, blow-out, short or long weaves, mohawk, you know I like a bit of everything.

DCN: So how did you go natural and what made you decide to do it?

TW: I was tired of the traditional standard of beauty and just decided to just chop it off.  I wanted to be the more authentic me but I had to make it fierce so I also colored it blond, [laughes] I got the standard Eve comments.

DCN: Wait you BC’d? I didn’t even know that! When and who did it?

TW: I BC’d in June 2010.  My best friend and fellow stylist Dakota cut it off for me. Chopping off my hair was really emotional, I actually cried.  A lot of ppl didn’t like, my family hated it, but I didn’t care I wanted to be beautiful on my own terms. 

DCN: Ooh my Dakota? We have the best stylist.  Ok so I lot of women love their BC, then it hits the awkward stage what did you do when you hit that stage? Did you regret it?

TW: I never regretted it but it did hit some awkward stages.  What did I do then: SEW-IN! I love to use my hair to express my mood.  Big and wild hair is my thing. 

DCN: So Te you look like “the model type” is that an accurate description of you?

TW: Yes and no.  I am a girly-girl but people would be surprised to know I ran track and cross country in high school.  I am only 5’5″ but I have these really long legs.  People are also surprised to know that I also sing.  In 5th grade I was in a singing group with girls from school.  We sang Destiny’s Child “No, No, No” in the school talent show.

DCN: I bet you were Beyonce.

TW: Yes, I was.  I want to be an all around entertainer– singer-dancer-actor-model

DCN: But you can also lay some hair, take that Bey! Speaking of, how did you become a hair stylist?

TW: I went to TSU for performing arts, but things didn’t work out. While I was down there I went to Paul Mitchell Hair School to get my hair done.  I liked the feel and the vibe of the school; everyone looked to be enjoying  themselves and having fun.  I asked about attending hair school and they told me they were opening a school in Louisville.  I came back home, enrolled and the rest is history.

DCN: As a stylist were there any styles you were afraid of?

TW: You already know: comb coils and color [laughter], but not anymore.  Locs, twists, color, silkened, I can do it all. 

DCN: Yes I remember.  Unfortunately Te was chosen to assist in putting comb coils in my super thick shoulder length hair.  It was quite the experience, but it turned out beautifully so thank you. As a stylist, any tips on what to do with your hair when you are tired or bored with it?

TW: Just start to play with it in the mirror.  Look in the magazines and try to replicate those styles.  Or if you are really fed up go to a salon let someone else do it for you.  You can also add some color to liven it up.

DCN: Ooh speaking of coloring the hair, any tips?

TW: Well its winter time so look at the brown family like mocha or chocolaty brown with gold highlights or mahogany brown.  Keep your colored hair healthy by using a good color shampoo and conditioner, like Elusence, and avoid clarifying shampoo because it will strip your color.  Remember to keep it moisturized and don’t use a lot of product or heavy products.

DCN: While we are on tips any tips for wearing a sew-in weave?

TW: Make sure you are washing at least once a month and keeping your scalp clean. Be sure the braids are not too tight and there is not too much tension.  If there is take it down or have it corrected immediately.  If you are wearing a straight piece you want to make sure you protect the leave out hair and do not burn it out with frequent heat.  You want to protect your curl pattern.

DCN: Great tips, Te! Anything else you want to share?

TW: I truly believe that natural beauty comes from within hair and make-up only enhance it.   What is on the outside will eventually fade but inner beauty is always there. 

To vote for Te’Anna Williams as the 2013 World’s Next Top Natural Hair Model click the this link, like the page then vote.



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