DIY Whipped SheaCoconut Butter

 I love to mix up my own hair and body products.  If I am bored on a Friday or Saturday night I tend to get inspired to mix up something new.  This recipe was purely a matter of necessity and was super easy.  After taking a shower my skin felt dry so I reached for my tub of shea butter.  There was very little shea butter left in the bottom and it was hard to get out of the jar so I decided to whip it up into a fluffy butter and put it in a new container.

Whipped SheaCoconut Butter

2 heaping Tablespoons shea butter (room temp)

2-3 teaspoons coconut oil (room temp)

Place shea butter and coconut oil in a heat safe bowl (like pyrex).  Bring a pot of water to a boil.  Create a double-boiler by placing the heat safe bowl on top of the pot of water.  Gently stir oil and butters until they melt completely.  Remove from heat and allow to cool (this can take an hour or more).  Once the mixture has cooled and a film forms on top, use a hand mixer to whip air into the product for a couple minutes *sorry forgot to take a picture of this step*.  Let the mixture rest another 30 -45 minutes then whip again.  Repeat the process until the product is completely cool, solidified and is whipped into soft peaks.  Start to finish this process took about 3 hours though most of it was spent allowing the mixture to cool.  Yields about 4 ounces. You could also add about 2-3 drops of essential oil or scent oil to make it smell pretty.

I made this mixture to use as a body butter, but you can also use as a sealant for your hair.  I have also made a whipped shea butter mixture for hair but used additional moisturizing ingredients.  Do you have a whipped shea butter mix? Share it with us.


9 thoughts on “DIY Whipped SheaCoconut Butter

    • True. I normally do not melt but I only had a small amount of shea left in the bottom of the jar and it came out in small pieces and was a little gritty. It was much easier to melt it and whip it. The amount of actual time mixing is actually the same however the cooling period in between make it a longer time period but that is okay with me.

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