Why Every Natural Should Be On Twitter

 So you’re natural, now what?   By now you have now found your favorite youtube vloggers, subscribed to your favorite blogs, checked out the message boards and discovered a cool facebook group.  But what do you do when you need an immediate response to a natural hair dilemma? Or where can you share a picture of your awesome hair day? Or even somewhere to keep your ear to the ground on what’s going on the natural hair scene?  That’s where twitter comes in.

Twitter is a microblog that can be used to connect people by interests, points of view, ideas or in our case natural hair.  I have only been tweeting [never say tweetering or twittering] for a little over a year and I will admit I was very resistant.  I just didn’t get twitter. My friends were sure that once I just started I wouldn’t regret it. They were right.  I joined in November 2010 and since then I have spewed out 15,000 tweets which is about 35 tweets a day (who knew I had so much to say?)

For those who don’t get it or don’t understand how twitter works I say: facebook is for connecting with people you know, twitter is for connecting with people you don’t.   Twitter is just like attending a party with a bunch of people you may not know.  While getting a drink at the bar you may notice a woman with a great pair of shoes. You inquire about the shoes and start a conversation.  Same goes for twitter.  The hardest thing to get used to is that you don’t have to know someone to follow them or engage them in conversation.

Some great naturals to follow on twitter include my girls @TribeCalledCurl, @CurlRehab, and @CurlyAndLovely.  They all tweet great information about natural hair.  I don’t know them IRL however through daily twitter interaction I happily call them some of my BTF (best twitter friends) and look forward to meeting them in person one day.  You will also find that most of your favorite bloggers/vloggers are also on twitter like Natural Review @NaturalbyL, Knaps Girl @knapsgirl, Quest for the Perfect Curl @CurlyHeadedPJ and Naptural85 @Nap85.  I was actually able to meet one of my tweeps @Anomelodious in person on a recent trip to Texas. 

The best thing about twitter are the hashtags which are simply short phrases preceded by a hash sign (#) making them searchable.  Some of the commonly used hashtags for natural hair are #NaturalHair #TeamNatural #CurlyHair #FierceFriday #Locs.  To use these simply add them to your tweet like “I love my #NaturalHair”.  Anyone can do a search for #NaturalHair and will see your tweet.  So if you are having a problem you can tweet “Help luggage lost,  what’s a good moisturizer sold in Kroger #NaturalHair” and you can receive instantaneous answers from natural all over.

Follow me on twitter @HereIsMySpout and be sure to tweet me with your questions, comments or in reply to whatever I am tweeting about.


10 thoughts on “Why Every Natural Should Be On Twitter

  1. Love this post! Another great asset that twitter offers Naturals are the natural hair chats! Another way to engage with natural hair women but in a more structured organized way!

      • I’m more of a lurker in most of them! #grouphairapy #tribethursdays #hgkww. I participated in #mykinkyroots last night though. I’m new to the loose natural world so some of the topics I can’t contribute to because of lack of knowledge. But I still love them!

  2. Thanks for including me! I was hesitant to join Twitter too. Before I started blogging, I barely used any social media sites. I’d only had a FB page for a few months. I didn’t understand the concept of Twitter. Now I get it. It’s entertaining and educational. I love seeing everyone’s photos and finding links to good blog posts. I can always count on some interesting tweets from @HereIsMySpout .

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