Natural Hair Doesn’t Mean Unkempt

Some of ya’ll are going to like this and some of ya’ll won’t; let me clear my throat. *rolls up sleeves, this is going to get messy*

I am a lover of naturally curly hair.  Fros, curls, braids, locs and twists they are all awesome to me.  But what I am not fond of is hair that is unkempt.  Hair that is lumpy, tangled, dry, the proverbial “bed head look” I am calling foul.  There are a couple myths that are going around and we naturals are the originators of the fallacy: “natural hair means never having a bad hair day”.  That is just a lie.  This is not a “good hair” vs. “bad hair” discussion and has nothing to do with hair types.  Is does have to with hair that has not been attended to or taken care.

It is no secret that curly hair is dry and prone to tangles.  It needs daily TLC of proper moisture and detangling (less if you are wearing a protective style) but it is not simply care free.  It is important to note that moisturizing without sealing is futile.  And while you can detangle your hair it will inevitably dry and curl up causing it to retangle.  If choose to wear a fro you must take extra care to make sure you are sealing in the moisture and that you carry a pick with you so that you can reshape accordingly throughout the day.

When I see people out and about with dry matted hair it irks me.  Not because they are giving me a bad name, but because their hair is crying out for TLC and it is so easy to do.  It really saddens me when I see this in children.  This issue was discussed previously by YTer UHeardMe1stTime

We all have bad hair days but some of ya’ll are having a bad hair “season”. Which brings me  to another natural hair fallacy: “natural hair means never having to go to the salon.” Say what? Some of us are very talented braiders, twisters and come up with great original styles.  Others have mastered the wash-n-go.  But then there are those who truly have no clue.  There is no shame in going to the salon, I feel that when you look good you feel good.  It is also a great way to pamper yourself and you are worth it!  While I have no problem styling my hair I would love to have my tresses blessed by Felicia Leatherwood or     Camille Reed.

So what are your thoughts?


13 thoughts on “Natural Hair Doesn’t Mean Unkempt

  1. I agree. There are styles that look unkempt, but they’re not necessarily so. I really don’t know why some people think it’s okay to get up and walk out with flat-on-one-side afro. #FAIL.

  2. AMEN, AMEN, AMEN!!!!!! If you don’t know what to do then try researching it!! If that doesn’t work then please, by all means, GO TO A SALON!! I have too much pride to walk around looking unkept!

  3. This is frustrating because the unkempt becomes some people’s idea of natural hair. When they have a friend or family member who wants to go natural their initial reaction is that the person’s hair is going to look crazy.

    • I totally agree. We should be a wlaking billboard DAILY of how WELL KEPT natural hair should be presented. Nothing like seeing a fellow natural walking down the street looking like a mangeled up lion… Nothings cute about that.

    • Yes L, it can be a bit of a slippery slope. Someone might think the model in the pictures hair above appears wild and ungroomed while I think it looks great. I am not obsessed with perfectly defined curls and every hair being in place but dry, lumpy and matted are no bueno.

  4. I totally agree! Some people think that just because you go natural means you don’t have to “take care” of your hair. Complete opposite. In my opinion natural hair is more challenging to take care of because it requires a lot of attention and as you put it, TLC. Yes, all hair requires TLC if you want it to look nice but natural hair requires education, constant moisturizing, protective styling, and the list goes on and on. Making the choice to go back to your natural self is making the decision to know yourself, fully, all over again and wouldn’t that mean you wanting to look good and not unkempt? I would like to think so but then again, to each their own. Nice post

  5. I would have agreed with you if you had not used those two boys as an example. Henry and his brother were both rocking the same hairstyle the only difference was their textures. White women the world over just get up an go in the mornings but we’ve been taught our hair isn’t good enough. Also with the bradd and angelina children’s hair wasn’t groomed it was just straight and allowed to do what it does why does their daughter have to be any different? However when hair is dirty that’s a whole other story.

    • All people whether curly or straight need to comb their hair to remove knots/tangles (unless they have locs) this has nothing to do color/ethnicity/texture. I am talking about grooming: washing, conditioning, moisturizing and detangling.

  6. Seriously, children’s hair? Usually a mess until they get a certain age and develop some kind of awareness of appearance. You can do all the grooming on earth to your young child, and chances are, unless you terrorize them with the church-day ruler vioence, if they run and play and tumble, at some point, they will look like it. Natural hair, in particular, will look beat up after a lot of vigorous activity. I know what my hair looks like after a Bikram class; and I don’t care either. Am I supposed to not put my head on the ground for the sake of preserving my style? My hair also gets crazy when I jog. So what about it? Do I have time to wonder what random people going down the road think about my hair? Why should those children’s parents give a fig about some stranger’s judgement?

    In at least one of those pictures, the kid’s wearing a gi. He’s been to the dojo to get his workout. And his hair is a mess, but I bet he could take any of the nay-sayers in a fight!

  7. WHO CARES!? About other people’s hair. I don’t it is honestly not any of my business and this articale is pointless. Water the grass in your own garden.

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