DIY: How To Make A Length Check T-shirt

Going natural means starting over and while we know healthy hair will grow it’s nice to be able to track your progress.  I saw a length check t-shirt for sale on a natural website and thought, why pay for that when you could make one? So here is my take on the length check t-shirt.

What You Need:

Fitted t-shirt

Permanent or Laundry Marker 

measuring tape 

straight edge or level 

safety pins 

ironing board + newspaper

Launder and dry t-shirt, remove promptly from dryer to ensure it is wrinkle free.  Lay a few pieces of newspaper on top of your ironing board then place shirt on the ironing board back side up as if to iron.  Align measuring tape with top seam to left of collar and pin in place. Using the straight edge or level measure down 1 inch from the collar and draw a straight line horizontally across the shirt.  Repeat this step drawing a new line every inch until reaching the bottom of the t-shirt.  To use: Put the t-shirt on and have a friend grab a strand near the nape of your neck and measure it against a line on the shirt.  Write down the date on the line and denote with a S for stretched or U for unstretched.  Continue to measure regularly as your hair grows or you when you get a trim to record your progress.

This post was featured on Curl Rehab 1/13/12 Blog Hop


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