Product Review: YoGaChi Signature Products

YoGaChi Signature

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I first heard about YoGaChi Signature products from my curlfriend Tanya who travels a lot for her job and is always “discovering” lesser known natural hair products around the country.  She found YoGaChi products in Chapel Beauty in Atlanta, GA.  I am not sure where else the products are available for purchase other than her website online or by placing a phone order.

YoGaChi Signature Buster Hair Butter 

4 oz $11.99

ing: argan oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil, jojoba oil, sesame seed oil, almond oil, avocado oil, vitamin e oil, hemp oil, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil.

Honestly when I was given this butter I didn’t really care for another hair butter, that is until I read the ingredients.  This product is packed with great natural oils that have been whipped lightly into soft creamy butter.  There are no scent oils added to the product and the smell is light, nutty and a little sweet.  Everyone  who encounters it instantly loves how light and creamy it is and how it does not have the dirt-earthy smell that unrefined butters have, yet isn’t artificially scented.  I have used it to seal in my braids and twists and also to add shine to twist/braid-outs and w-n-g’s.  This is definitely a keeper.

YoGaChi Signature Rosmaria Leave-In Conditioner

8 oz $11.99

ing: organic aloe juice, organic lavender distillate, cetearyl alcohol, castor seed oil, stearylalkonium chloride, phenoxyethenol, panthenol vitamin B5, kosher vegetable glycerin, rosehip seed oil, organic black willow bark extract.

I used this spray a couple of times and found it to be a decent moisturizer.  I really did not come to appreciate it until I put my hair in yarn locs.  I  spray my hair every morning and evening with this spray and it provides a nice balanced amount of moisture.  The scent is a very subtle hint of floral herbs.  I like that it isn’t oil heavy and does not cause any build-up on my scalp compared to other sprays I have used.  This spray also works well as a next day refersher for 2nd, 3rd, etc day hair.  While I like it a lot while wearing my hair in its current protective style I probably would not repurchase it unless I could get it on the ground.

The vid below is a review that my girl Tanya did on these same products.


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