A little humor: Drake’s Eyebrows

Rap artist Drake, ne Aubrey Graham, hit the scene a couple years ago with smash hit “Best I Ever Had” and etched a Canadian Maple Leaf onto the hearts of millions.  While many may remember him as wheelchair bound Jimmy from Degrassi: The Next Generation his thick eye canopies [eyebrows] definitely leave a lasting impression. Enter comedian Affion Crockett, said to be the next Dave Chapelle, and this parody of Drake and said forehead fur.  There are a lot of natural hair cracks like using a pick to fluff his brows and slicking them with what looks to be some old school Blue Magic Hair Grease.  Too funny.  Enjoy! 


5 thoughts on “A little humor: Drake’s Eyebrows

  1. I saw this I was sooooo #weak. My husband sent me the video and I couldn’t stop laughing especially when he kept waving his hands like Drake ROTFLMBO. Drake do got some thick eyebrows though LOL.

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