Veterans Day Sale

11/11/11 is not only a cool day numerically but it is also Veterans Day.  As both a daughter and granddaughter of US Air Force Veterans I am incredibly patriotic and thankful for the sacrifice of the woman and men have made so I am able to live in this great nation.  Veterans Day is a day we observe to show thanks for all veterans both living and deceased who served honorably in the military in both peacetime and in war  For more info on Veterans Day check out Department of Veteran Affairs website.

Now because we are uber-consumerists here in the US we need little excuse to have a great sale and today is no different.  I received emails from both Oyin Handmade and Koils by Nature detailing their Veterans Day Specials.  As a US Army Veteran I know this is a special day to Pamela Jenkins, Owner of Koils by Nature.  So stock up on some good products and make sure you thank a Veteran for their service.

Koils by Nature

  • Moisturizing Shealoe Leave In Conditioner $11.11 for 11 minutes starting @ 11:11 am – 11:22 am EST (limit 2 per customer)
  • 15% off all items  with a minimum purchase of $15 Starts at Noon EST Coupon Code: USO11
  • $1.11 shipping all day long

Oyin Handmade

  • In appreciation of Veteran’s Day, we’re giving everyone with an APO address free shipping now through the 12th! Use code FREEAPOSHIPPING at checkout!

2 thoughts on “Veterans Day Sale

  1. Thanks for keeping us informed of all the things you do. I had not heard of the Shealoe leave in conditioner as I am 3 months after the big chop. I do like the Alafia hair lotion and when I read the ingrediants and reviews of the Shealoe leave in I was happy to get in on 2 bottles for $11.11. Thanks again. Leelee

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