Hair Grease Train

All aboard! In case you haven’t heard there is a grease-commotion going on and naturals everywhere are hopping on the train. Say what? Yep you heard me right.  Several vloggers and bloggers are giving grease a second-look after years of scorn and a bad rap.  I know several naturals who confided that they never stopped using the taboo-goo, they simply withheld this information from polite natural hair conversation for fear that they may have been ostracized.

As for me I will not be slapping petrolatum on my tresses, but I do not judge those who choose to.  Only you know what is right for your hair and budget.  For those of you wondering “Why grease?”, here are a few reasons: it’s cheap, it’s a great sealant and it’s readily available.  But before you go drop some snaps on the petro, here is a little advice about using grease.

What’s In It: Hair grease is usually made primarily of petrolatum (petroleum jelly), lanolin and/or mineral oil. Petrolatum and mineral oil are made from refining crude oil.  The refining process yeilds a lot of products such as gasoline, propane and motor oil.  Lanolin is grease that is secreted by sheep which helps waterproof their wool and is cultivated from shorn wool –the sheep remains unharmed in this process.  These products have been found to be safe for cosmetic, pharmaceutical and even food use by the FDA.

What Does It Do: Hair grease acts as a lubricant and a moisture sealant.  It reduces friction on the surface it is applied and it also retards moisture loss.  It operates similar to other oils and butters.

How To Use It: Hair grease is to be used as a sealant to seal in moisture to the hair.  For this purpose it is important to moisturize the hair first before applying –check out this post for more info on how to layer products.  For use on 2 strand twist style start with clean damp hair, add your favorite moisturizer like Curls Milkshake, then add a finger tip of hair grease to each section and twist together.  A little of this product goes a long way so apply with a light-hand.

Changes To Hair Regimen: It is important to note that this product has massive staying power and has a tendency to attract dirt, lint, etc.  When it comes time to cleansing co-washing is not going to cut it.  I recommend using a sulfate shampoo or a clarifying shampoo.  Now I know in the past I have told you to shampoo your scalp not your hair, but because you applied this product to your hair you will need to shampoo your hair.  Consequently because you are using a strong cleanser, you will need to follow with a good deep conditioner.

Natural Alternatives:  Hair grease is similar in effectiveness to many pomade or butter blends on the market like Karen’s Body Beautiful Butter Love or Oyin Handmade’s Burnt Sugar Pomade.  There are also products that are marketed directly as a natural hair grease like My Honey Child’s Sophia’s Old Fashioned Hair Grease which does not contain petrolatum or mineral oil.  I am also working on a DIY natural hair grease recipe so stay tuned.

So are you jumping on the train? 


50 thoughts on “Hair Grease Train

  1. Nah, think Imma let this train roll on. I didn’t even like grease during my relaxed days so I surely won’t be using it now…

    • Same here. I didn’t like it even before I knew about all of the bad things people say about it. It seemed like no matter how little I used, my hair was still left greasy and touching my hair was not safe because it would result in me getting grease EVERYWHERE-which is the WORST on important paperwork. Also, I could never find one that I thought actually smelled GOOD. I don’t like hair products that are too strong, I’m not looking for a perfume, I have perfume for that. Nevertheless, I believe in people using whatever works for them, so if grease is it, go for it!

  2. I feel the same way! i won;t be trying it but it for works for you do it! If anything I would much rather try the natural alternatives. I cant get over the fact the petrolatum is the first ingredient in hair greases. I am not a natural hair product nazi but I have become more aware of chemicals in hair and skin products since going natural and I don’t want to revert back to products that I used to use.

    • Agreed. For me I made a conscience decision about my health not to use certain ingredients and I have given up other products. I have gotten great results with non-natural products but I prefer to use natural ones.

  3. Same for me, I’ll pass. I did not use grease when I was relaxed. It was always way too heavy for my hair. Even now I use oils and not butters to seal.

  4. The funny thing about it is people, black women especially, have been using grease forever in their hair and a lot of people got good results from it. Now all of a sudden it has come out that certain ingredients in grease are not good for hair now nobody wants to use it anymore. I will say this, if it worked for you stick with it. As for myself I use it but the kind I use does not have petroleum in it. I dont put it on my scalp I put it on my hair as a moisture sealant from time to time.

  5. I don’t think I will…But I can’t help but think how beneficial it was when my mother used it on my hair as a child…Lawd, blue magic and a pressing comb was my mothers friend and I had a hair full of thick hair too…So I won’t rule it out especially with the winter months approaching anything that will lock moisture in from the drying cold.

  6. It always amaze me how people forget things when they were younger but now the just change the name ex pomade vs hair grease it was ok to use it back then and your hair was longer and stronger. Now it seems we have to use all natural ingredients, it just seems strange to me the whole natural thing. My mother have 5 girls who grew up on Sulfur 8 (sister still use it), afro sheen, and dax. She wash our hair once a week and braided it for the next week. Our hair was very healthy. I wonder has our hair changed or we did we changed our thinking to bandwagon thinking.

    • There are a combination of things that tend to contribute to having longer hair when you were younger. Products play one part as did protective styling and care all these things can be examined. Then we also need to look at the fact that not everyone was running around with hair that *swang* lol. I always suggest that people take the time and compare products and rate their effectiveness. Bandwagon thinking can be detrimental both to your hair and your pocketbook.

  7. @A. Marie Wallace recently I have been using my daughters hair grease called kids organic gro strong triple action growth stimulating therapy. Long name right???Lol but it works and it has mineral oil but no petroleum….

  8. I used SOFTEE and got the most amazing, soft, and shiny twist out! *not only boards train but puts on conductor’s hat*
    It’s all about how you use it. Blessings Ladies!

  9. I don’t see anything wrong with using grease, when I have braids I use it and on my girls hair. I used it on their hair back in the day before pink oil moisturizer we used grease and water with a nice brush and it kept the hair moisturized and laid down (before Gel) my daughter is 20 yrs old and just last month she used grease and water on her hair and loved it, yes she went back to the old regimen when use to comb her hair.. :) she said it was more manageable too. So like you say what ever works. Plus we used grease because we didnt have all these other options like now.

  10. Go for what ya know. I used it as a child, hated it as a young lady, used it in abundance on my 3 daughters, and have not touched the stuff in years. Gonna use some ROYAL CROWN on my next Twist Out! Remember these 4 words…..WHAT WORKS FOR YOU!

  11. This is tooo funny! Having been one of three girls who sat on in the kitchen on Saturday nights or Sunday evenings getting our hair “pressed.” Grease was a tried and true staple in our house. That being said, last year I decided to return to using “grease” as we called it once again. This turned out to be a true mission because most people didn’t know what I was asking for; while the others just gave a clueless stare. (LOL) So finally I settled on Royal Crown and I am loving it! Thanks Clutch for the Soul Train video; it too reminds me of those greasy Saturday nights we had in junior high school! Oh “don’t let my hair go back!” ROTFL

  12. I try to use products that nourish. Mineral oil and petroleum simply coat the hair. We used Queen Bergamot when I was a child. Mama did her best. Now I understand that what is used on the hair and scalp also enters the body and blood stream. By-product of crude oil? No, thank you. Small changes can impact health long term. Know better, do better. Just my opinion.

    Whatever works for ya…rock on!

    • Yeah “know better, do better” is where I am at personally in my journey. I have opted to use healthier products and had to say goodbye to many of my old standbys, it was not easy but I think its for the best for my personal health.

  13. I am almost shocked that there is a train for hair grease. My and my daughter’s hair as well as clients have has been thriving so well without hair grease that I will not be jumping on this band wagon. I will not judge but people really need to seriously learn to be their own expert. We have to learn our own hair for ourselves and fall in love with it ourselves. Then that way when a popular blogger, stylist or whom ever comes along with a “one hit wonder”, we will not be so quick to destroy something we’ve worked so hard to maintain. I am so not interested in Hair Grease.

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  16. I’ve gone back to using grease after wasting money on this all natural organic mess. I have fine hair and use a fingertip of grease spread in my hands with water to use on my damp hair. This keeps my hair in place so it won’t be flying all over the place. My hair isn’t greasy either, my guess is that you need to know how to use it. I don’t grease my scalp never really did that anyway. I will never pay alot of money again. My grandma used to use it on my hair and it was the business then and is now. I’m truly done with the all natural organic BANDWAGON!!!

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