Building A Better Blog: Stating the Facts

It is easy for a blogger to be hailed as a “guru” among other naturals.  When a person appears to have the knowledge, background, resources and fabulous hair others want to consult with them to get their hair to that state.  But there is a difference between disseminating information and giving good advice.  A reader must use their own thoughts and intuition to determine if there is quality information being given and how to apply it to their own hair.

Most bloggers get their information from 3 sources: books, other bloggers and personal experience.  There are a lot of great books out there on natural hair, I reviewed a bunch of them here on this post.  In these books you can learn about a lot of different methods like Curly Girl (CG), Tightly Curly, finger detangling, etc.  I have learned from all the books I have read and while I do not stick to a particular method I can see how each one is beneficial.  Relying on other bloggers speaks to the beauty of shared experience.  It is not necessary nor is it plausible to try every method, product, tool out there however by consulting with other bloggers you know and trust they can help you to weed out which ones you should look into and which you can overlook.  Lastly their is personal experience and this is where majority of a bloggers information comes from.  You try a product/method/tool and report back how it worked for you.  If you are a good blogger you want to dig into why it worked or didn’t work and how to improve it or make it better.

So you have all this opinion and information but what makes it fact?  The fact that something worked on your hair does not mean that it is repeatable or that it will work on someone else’s hair.  This is why you have to dig down into the why.  A lot of people don’t know or care to dig into why something works and that is okay as long as it is understood that the information given is strictly an opinion.  Be careful of those who present information as fact with no data, research, science or explanation as to why.


2 thoughts on “Building A Better Blog: Stating the Facts

  1. I appreciate your opinion. I am a hairstylist/salon owner NATURALISTA:) And I have seen many different products work differently for different hair types in my 21 years in the business, and it’s imperitive you know the ” WHY “as you stated. I am not necessarily a product pusher but I love to know which curl patterns work for which hair product, and I love the different varieties of productsout there today. All the different stretching cremes and custards, etc allow a person SEEKING the “RIGHT” product for their hair to “DIG IN” and test the products, the methods, and styles that best fit the needs of that persons hair. I am new to blogging, as I have read yours and NaturallBelle and I finf your reviews and comments extremely interesting. Thankyou again for your words. God Bless you,and your future endeavors.

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