Lacefront Wigs for Kids?

Yes, you read that correctly, lacefronts for children.  Umm, {insert the extremist of all extreme side-eyes here} what exactly is the basis? 

Taren916 posted this vid on her FB page friday night.  The video is very eerie and disturbing. 1st there is the music selection that does not match the tone of the video. Then there are the pop-up comments as responses to I assume hate comments she received.  Then there are just the images of her children wearing lacefront wigs.  Her young son and daughter who appear to be about 10 and 7  respectively are shown sporting different wigs throughout the video.  It is just strange to me.

I do not understand why her children are wearing lacefront wigs, I mean I really do not understand.  If the child had Alopecia, or some other sort of hair loss, I guess it would make more sense to me but both appear to have healthy heads of hair.  Also the styles chosen, on the daughter in particular, are very “grown” styles.  If my daughter was bald and I chose for her to wear a wig I would style it age appropriately whether that was pigtails, french braids, whatever.

The YTer also made a response vid which I found to leave me scratching my head once again.  Why are you making a video while driving?  That is dangerous.  Why are you telling your children that some anonymous commenter called you a hood-rat?  That is inappropriate.  And why do you keep making vids from the child’s point of view?  They did not choose to be in the spotlight, you as their parent put them there.  Your children are being bullied as a result of you thrusting them into the spotlight for 15 seconds of YT fame.  That is irresponsible of you as a parent.  What happened to kids simply being kids?

The internet is a very public place and I take internet safely very seriously.  I have mentioned my son and daughter in posts, never using their real name or mine for safety. I also never post them in anything that could identify them like school sweater or public landmark.  These are tools I use to keep them safe.  If someone were to post a negative comment; I as their parent would remove it and ban the commenter.  If the negative posts repeated I would either disable the comments, make the video private or remove the video.  Never would I allow them to read the words of a stranger calling them “fag”, “nasty”, or “ghetto”.  This type of internet bullying is beyond what there psyche is able to handle and it is actually IMO at the blame of the parent who put them there.  No one needs to have a youtube page or place their kids in the lime light, this has become part of our “share everything” culture and I do not agree with it.

There are blogs in which children are front and center like Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care and Beads, Braids & Beyond.  While I do not personally know Rory, the mom behind CHVC, I know for darn sure if little Boo was being attacked like these children Rory would either remove the posts or make it private as a way to protect her daughter instead as using Boo as some sort of shield to make an asinine point.  Children do not have “haters” and should not be used as pawns in a weave crusade.  If you like to place weaves on your child, fine that is your business.  But when you put it in a public arena that is when it becomes the business of everyone else and open to scrutiny.  That is what I have a problem with and where I think the parenting is just plain wrong.  What do you think? Weigh in.


9 thoughts on “Lacefront Wigs for Kids?

  1. There’s no need for it. It’s just getting them used to having to maintain something they don’t need. It is a waste of money.

    Both children have hair already and even if they were bald through alopecia or some other health problem, it would still not warrant lacefront wigs. In fact if my child went bald through some health problem, I’d teach them to love their baldness and offer a hat or head scarves if their head got cold. Why can’t people just learn to accept what they have and love themselves?

    The little girl looked perfectly normal without the monstrosity placed on her head. It looks like one of those hard plastic dolly wigs you can buy in fancy dress shops. To me, it is akin to buying a ridiculous halloween mask and gluing it on your child’s face and then letting them walk out in public with it.

    How much does it cost to have these things placed on the children’s heads? Could this money be spent on something they actually need and will benefit from?

    On another note, if the girl is 7 years old, why is there a photo of her holding a handbag and lipgloss/ lipstick? These things are all inappropriate and unecessary for a 7 year old girl. All of these things are superficial, materialistic nothings that have no real meaning or substance in anyone’s life (particularly that of a young, impressionable child).

    I haven’t seen the horrible comments, but I’m sure they’re more directed towards the ations of the parent in placing these things on the childrens’ heads.

  2. I am truly disturbed. As a mother of a son and two daughters, I do all that I can to protect the integrity of myself and my children on the internet. The music, the random pop-up comments… I made it to 3:00 min and couldn’t stand it anymore. To each it’s own…but lace-fronts on kids?? Nah. It’s too much.

  3. Will people leave this alone already??? She already stated that the reason for the video is that her kids are models and she’s a hair replacement professional. They are modelling wigs and hairpieces for children who don’t have hair or is losig it due to illness. Go to the original video and read the comments. She explains it all there.

    • I will admit I only viewed the 2 vids I posted here so I do not know what is stated in previous videos. If she does indeed create the wigs for children with hair loss that is commendable, however I still call suspect parenting if she is telling her children the negative comments that are being left that is not okay. I still say she should disable the comments on her page.

      • I agree that she should just get rid of/disable comments on her page if it’s really that big of a problem. The video is very weird anyway, and if my child(ren) were losing their hair and showed me this video I would ask them why they wanted “adult” hairstyles and not “kids” hair styles. These styles are way too grown for these kids. If she makes replacement hair pieces for children, that’s wonderful… but she needs to style them FOR CHILDREN. Just because you place something in a child’s hand does not mean it is made for a child.

  4. Her styles should be for kids. Completely agree, I also think her response video is completely immature, stating that I’M NOT GOING TO GIVE YOU WHAT YOU WANT!! Really? Are you the same age as the kids you make wigs for? Really? And what’s up with inserting more wigs into the videos. Some of them are actually tasteful, most look really bad, and I can get cheaper ones that look better on Ebay.

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