Men with Natural Hair

It’s a well known fact that I swoon for men with locs, but where are all the men with loose natural hair?  Most pictures that you come across are loose curls (similar to what we have seen in advertising for women also) but dang if your hair is kinky does it have to be loc’d up?

Well there are men with loose natural hair out there who rock more than just a fade or taper.

Those were just a few I was able to find on Tumblr, most were men with locs like this one: (yeah I had to sneak that in there )Did ya’ll notice that none of these men are wearing shirts? I’m not complaining just stating the facts.

So If most men wear there natural hair (or fake it with texturizer, lol) then why are there so few of them represented in the natural hair movement?  I recently became acquainted with Mane Man blog (you should check it out and follow) which is a quality blog about being a Black man with loose natural hair. While he is not just fronted as eye candy like those above, I will say that I would not mind deep conditioning his hair if you know what I mean ;) *I’m such a hair whore*

So do you know any men out there that are rocking their natural? Give them a shot out and engage them in conversation because honestly they have been doing it longer then we [women] have.

Special shout-out to my stylist Dakota, he can lay some hair and also sports his curls.  You can find him fro’d-out, cornrowed, coiled, or rockin his curls; brother is always on point. (He is also a model, werk!) Photo courtesy of Joshua Eskridge Photography


9 thoughts on “Men with Natural Hair

  1. Mmmmm..I had to reread the article twice. Every time there was a picture I got distracted. Lol. Look @ Dakota! Looking all debonair.

  2. Ok Ill take number 2 to go please and thanks! lol Im gonna need you not to have me drooling lke this while I am at work. but ooooo my my my

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