Hair Care for Boys

This is my son, JK.  Like most Black boys he has natural hair but we choose to keep his hair longer then the traditional fade.  Most of his life he has worn a baby fro (twa) or a taper (fro that is shorter on the sides and back).  We talk a lot of caring for women’s hair but this post is all about the guys.

JK is an active six-year-old who enjoys rolling around on the carpet, playing in dirt so there is never any telling what you might find in his hair on a daily basis.  Here is a quick look at his regimen, which has been the same for years.

  • Every night his hair is rinsed with water in the bath or shower.
  • If he has some sort of food, dirt, sweat I normally just co-wash his hair to remove. (Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut)
  • Twice a month I wash his hair with shampoo, follow with a deep-conditioner.  He sits with a shower cap on his head for about 10 minutes before rinsing the conditioner out. (Yes to Carrots Shampoo and Aussie 3 Minute Miracle)
  • After bath I apply oil to his wet hair to help combat dryness.  His hair is high porosity so it gets really dry. (Tropical Traditions Organic Hair Oil)
  • In the morning we spritz his hair with water, then apply hair lotion (moisturizer or leave-in conditioner) and use the Tangle Teezer on his matted curls.  Then I use a pic to fluff and shape his fro. (Darcy’s Botanicals Shea Butter Moisturizing Cream)

I believe in teaching my son, just as I have my daughter, how to properly take care of his hair.  He can tell you what to use on his hair and what order to apply them.  I often let him do the spritzing of his hair and apply the product (I go back and fill in any areas he missed) and let him do the tangle teezer.  The TT has been a godsend to us as JK is very tender-headed and he used to fall out and act an absolute fool when getting his hair combed.  Now that we use the TT he no longer complains at all.  I also had to teach his dad not to comb his hair dry as that is very painful and to use water and moisturizer first.

I do not purchase hair products strictly for my son.  He normally uses the products purchased for his sister like Garnier Fructis, Yes to Carrots, Aussie Moist or Suave.  I will occasionally use some of my boutique products like Alaffia, Curls and Darcy’s Botanicals if they are close at hand.  For products I do not really care for on my hair, I will use these on my son.  He is fine with using any product as long as he does not “smell like a girl”.  There are a couple hair care lines geared toward children that we have tried such as Alaffia Beautiful Curls.  These product lines worked fine but for my sons short fro I just do not find it necessary to purchase products exclusively for use on his hair.

That is a quick snap-shot into hair care methods used on my son.  Other than the Tangle Teezer I do not have any allegiance to any product in particular to use on his hair.  I can suggest for those who have a similar hair texture of very tightly coiled hair to look into the Tangle Teezer for detangling before using a pic to shape.   For those with high-porosity dry hair I suggest applying oil at night to wet hair fresh out of the shower, this has helped tremendously.  He also sleeps on a satin pillowcase which has helped with the dryness and matting.  As for moisturizers his hair likes moisturizers that contain shea butter and we are able to use it as a moisturizer and sealant which cuts down on the number of products.

For those out there with boys what are your hair care regimens for your sons?


12 thoughts on “Hair Care for Boys

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  2. I love this! As a (now) man who never got much education about what to do with his hair, it’s great that you’re teaching your son the basics.

  3. This is awesome. I pay so much attention to my 5 year old daughter’s hair, but no so much to my son (he’s only 18 months though). Thank you for these tips, I will be implementing them.

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  6. My 7 yr old son has locs and we love them. Caring for them is quite easy now and we just love them on him! My 8 yr old wanted to an afro so I let him. Unfortunately, he was unable to truly give it the care it needed. His hair is so incredibly thick that he was never able to get down to the scalp to remove build up, struggled to keep his hair free of knots, and wasn’t very cooperative when I intervened. Due to being unable to give it the care he needs to we finally gave him a summer cut (normally I leave it a bit longer in the winter) and his scalp is back on the road to healthy. We’ll try again in a few years when he’s able to be a little more independent with his hair or when he’s a bit more cooperative when I need to help him! Loved it on him, though!

    • Jolene thanks for sharing about your boys. I just began the loc process with my son (as of New Year’s Day) and he is LOVING it! He thinks its great that he can have hair and I don’t have to comb it everyday. I love that you are working with your eldest on his hair regimen too. So often are boys are left clueless while me put the emphasis on our daughters.

  7. I have a 2 year old with a twa. Actually its on its way to being a full sized fro. He HATES having his hair combed, brushed, washed, moisturized, you name it. But I basically shampoo it or co wash It then seal it with coconut oil or hair milk from shea moisture. Then pick it out. All while he’s screaming.

  8. Thank you sharing. I scoured the web looking for hair care information specifically for boys. My son doesn’t want a haircut, buy yet hates to have his hair combed (getting those knots out can be unbearable). He broke my heart when he uttered “I wish I had white people’s hair.” I realize his thoughts our rooted in the pain of getting his hair combed and detangled. I truly want him to have pride in his hair and not disdain, but realize it starts with a simpler gentler routine. Thanks for your insight, hope that leads to a transformation.

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