The Easy Updo

I am convinced that bobby pins are tools of the devil.  They poke, they prod and they love to play hide-n-seek in my coils.  I have always admired those who were able to sculpt their hair into magnificent updo styles, but that ability has always escaped me and I blame the bobby pin.  It always seems that no matter how many bobby pins (or hair pins) I use I just cannot get my hair to “stay”.  So I watched with a gleam in my eye hoping that one day, I too would be able to one day perfect the updo.

Here ye, here ye, let it henceforth be known that I have perfected the updo.

…and I did it without bobby pins #pow! So how did I do it? Let me introduce you to my new best friend Scunci Upzingoh yes, meet the Scunci Upzing.  This tool is genius!  It is two side combs attached by stretchy i-cord. It is super easy to use: simply slide a comb in on one side, then grab the other comb and slide in on the other.  Done.  The I-cord in the middle helps keep the hair in place and also prevent the combs from slipping.

I have been wearing this style all week in a variety of different ways.  I first wore my hair in two-strand twists using Entwine Creme de la Mold.  After a few days I took the twists down and wore a twist-out.  I have changed the the style several times wearing an updo with side bangs, a pompadour and ninja bun, faux french roll with bangs, faux french roll with loose flat-twist bang (see above) as this style was so easily transferable.

The Scunci Upzing can be found almost anywhere hair accessories are sold Walgreens, Target, Wal-Mart or online at Amazon.  I even heard that there is a cheapy knock-off at dollar stores.  This is the best $3 I have ever spent.  So if you like me are bobby pin impaired you really need to check out the Upzing.

this is the first updo I did while my hair was still in twists 

faux french roll w bangs done on twist-out


7 thoughts on “The Easy Updo

  1. Wow I am embarrassed to say that I have several of those and have never done more than a half up half down style. I never even really considered an updo! Though looking back through old pictures, I have had sucessful updo’s with th Flexi-8 clip as well! Your hair looks great! Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is awesome! I had bobby pins in my hair tonight, and was geard the dreaded sign of tearing when i removed them. I saw this accessory used by me favorite blogger msvcharles when she was rocking yarn braids. Well, I have them in now and will be heading to Walgreens to invest in every color :). Thank you SOmuch for sharing Sis!

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