Building A Better Blog: Connecting With Others

Blogging is all about connecting with people.  Your blog can be a soapbox, a shield or even a sword to express your feelings on a certain topic.  But all of that means nothing if you are not connecting with an audience.  To be a successful blogger you want to attract people to your blog, convince them to return and persuade them to invite others.

Up first is attracting people to your blog.  In order to attract people to your blog you need to network with people in your field and build relationships in person and through social media.  The best way to network with people in your field is to attend events, post in forums, join FB groups and get involved in tweetchats using the appropriate hashtag.  But do not overlook more intimate methods of forging relationships with those who have already “made it” like emailing questions/comments to blog owners or commenting on their posts.  Bloggers like to interact with others so reach out and get connected, this is not a competition.

Convincing them to return can be rather tricky.  Now if someone subscribes to your blog they are getting email updates telling them you have added new content but what about those that don’t sub?  Here is where advertising is important.  Writing a blog is not enough you need to shop out your article.  Submit your post as a guest article to another blog, post in chatrooms or message boards, post in FB groups, and post the link on twitter.  When posting use clever wording that would encourage others to click.  This is something one of my fav bloggers Lola does very well, she tweets little teasers, not just the boring ol’ blog title to make it more inviting.  In fact I have clicked the same link several times thinking it was an entirely different post.

all of these tweets are in reference to the same article

Now the last step of persuading your readers to invite others is all about your posts being “share worthy”.  Posts that are typically shared fall into the following categories: solving a problem, expressing a controversial standpoint, providing some form of gossip or touching/moving on a personal level.  Not all blog posts can be glitzy, controversial or soul-stirring, but you have to know when to seize the moment.  All of my most popular posts fall into one of the previous categories for example: my posting on the Type F fiasco I would consider to be a gossip post (this is actually my most popular post of all time) and my posting on the death of my friend Tabasha was touching story that pulled on the heartstrings and connected people.

Networking with others in your field, reaching out to engage your readers and providing solid content all lead to connecting your blog with your desired audience.


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