Recap DCN Presents Curls & Cocktails Part 4 ~ Color

September’s Curls & Cocktails topic was COLOR!  This meet up was perfectly timed with the migration of the season from summer to autumn when the leaves on the trees are beginning to change, why not change your hair color too?

Color can be a somewhat  controversial topic in the natural hair community.  Many naturals wonder if they are still considered natural if they use color.  Loc’d naturals wonder if haircolor is able to penetrate their locs.  Others are simply wary of the possible negative effects hair color will have on their strands.  We discussed the different types of hair color including natural stains or temporary color like henna, demi or semi permanent hair color and professional color lines.

To answer the first question yes you are still natural if you decide to color your hair.  The term natural hair refers to hair where the texture is not chemically altered.  There are debates all over forums with arguments for and against, but the standpoint of this blog (and majority of the community) is that as long as you do not have a chemical relaxer or perm you are natural.

Secondly, loc’d naturals are not excluded from the color game.   Locs can have highlights, lowlights, tips, or all over color just like loose hair.  As one stylist said “if it’s hair, we can color it!”

Thirdly, the truth is that changing your hair color is a chemical process and that process will change the factors of your hair like its porosity, elasticity, texture.  Some may experience very subtle or unnoticeable changes while other may have a drastic experience.  Depending on your hair factors along with the health of your hair and the type of products used results will vary.  That is not the answer most want to hear but that is the truth.  There are safe ways to undergo this process to help minimize any negative effects.

In the video I go through the processes of hair color and also speak about how to choose a haircolor and what to expect from the outcome.  The second video which is also on my youtube page Shaha and Te’Ana, professional stylist at NAS, speak on coloring hair using the Organic Color System which is the safest professional line on the market.  OCS is completely ammonia (bleach) free and uses heat to open the hairshaft and lift (lighten) the color.  You will see a demonstration of the OCS vs a typical box color, OCS used for corrective color and its ability to safely lift multiple levels.

I want to thank the Natural Alternatives Salon of Louisville, KY for their continued sponsorship of the Curls & Cocktails series along with Rhythm liquor for providing such lovely cocktails and Go Natural Hair & Body Boutique for providing a giveaway.  If you would like to attend the final Curls & Cocktails event for this year which is all about locs, please rsvp to the invite on fb

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