Product Review: Kiss My Face Upper Management Gel

Kiss My Face

Upper Management Gel

8 oz for $8.99

Available at Natural Food Stores and Drug Stores

 Kiss My Face Upper Management gel is a medium hold styling gel containing certified botanical ingredients to nourish hair.  Formulated to keep hair under control naturally and perfect for all hair types.  Alcohol, paraben and phthlate free product that contains no artificial colors or fragrances.

ing: Purified, Deionized Certified Organic Floral Water of Nettle, Calendula and Chamomile, Hyaluronic Acid, Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate (Amino Acid derived), Yeast Extract, Panthenol, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Grapefruit Extract.

This gel has a great non-flaking formula that does not leave the dreaded white residue on hair.  It does have a medium hold so the hair can dry a little crispy.  It is most often used layered over a good leave-in or moisturizer like Karen’s Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia or similar product that will add a layer of moisture and help minimize the crunch.  This styler is great for wash-n-go styles but I have also heard of naturals using it on comb coils and 2-Strand Twists using the same products.

5 Things I Like About This Product:

  1. Mucilage base.  Nettle and other herbs when added to water make a snotty/slimy concoction that my hair just loves.
  2. It contains grapefruit makes a light pleasant scent.
  3. Medium viscosity, not too thick or too thin but right in the middle.  It squeezes out of the bottle nicely.
  4. Non-sticky.  I do not like the sticky feeling on my hair it drives me crazy so this product is perfect.
  5. On the ground.  You can pick this product up from Target, Whole Foods, Rainbow Blossom, even the natural section of some grocery stores.

I really like this product it is a great gel for a winning wash-n-go combo (moisturizer+gel=awesome hair).  It behaves well with lots of moisturizers and I did not have any strange reactions.  A warning for my protein sensitive peeps as this does contain some protein (amino acid and yeast) however they are low on the ingredients list so you may not have an issue.  I applied the product with a light hand, but if you do use extra and find your hair crunchy after drying add a little oil or butter on top to remove the crispiness.


9 thoughts on “Product Review: Kiss My Face Upper Management Gel

    • Great question Carla! While its not an allergy you could say my hair behaves as if it is. At the mere sign of most proteins my hair will be rough, straw-like, frizzy and tangly. It feels and looks absolutely awful. It is similar to protein-overload which anyone can get from overdoing an intense protein treatment or by using too much protein. A lot of products conatin protein gel, conditioner, moisturizers even oils; when I use them my hair freaks out and I have to wash and deep condition it to get it to start acting right again.

  1. Great review. I have heard great things about this gel. I may need to look into this. While I love EcoStyler, I don’t like the feeling afterwards, meaning, my hair can feel very brittle the day after using it.

  2. How do u get second day hair out of it? Should I wet it or just put some oil on top of it? Or should I apply a little more of the product to my TWA? I love the shine this product gives and the clumpy curls and don’t really want to disturb them too much and create a frizzy situation….any suggestions?

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  4. This product contact hyaluronic acid I don’t think it’s made from plants but it is really good for your hair and kinky curly hair gel to is all natural plant based

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