Building A Better Blog: Joining the Gang

Oh yes I’m in a gang.  No we don’t have hand signs, secret handshakes or wear certain colors but we are a gang nonetheless.  Earlier this year I decided to turn DCN into a blog.  I started DCN out as a fb page back in July 2010 and would use the Notes section of fb to blog, but it got to a point where that platform would no longer support what I was trying to do.  I spoke to other bloggers about the different blog hosting sites and decided to go with WordPress.

The writing came naturally to me as I previously studied journalism and with my computer science experience I thought the customization would be easy too, but in a strange way it was a little too easy making it difficult.  In my younger days I had a angelfire website and used live journal both which used html and that was simple for me.  Wordpress uses a lot of widgets which make for easy plug and play customization but I did not quite “get it”.  Thankfully for me I have greater blogger friends in  L of The Natural Review and Tracy of BrokeyMcPoverty who were able to provide me with support via emails, calls and text and I got everything set up (thanks ladies!)

My blog has been up for 6 months now and I wanted to further improve my craft by attending one of the many WordCamps that are hosted all over the world.  Word Camp is a meet-up for WordPress bloggers and developers on how to better use WordPress, network with other bloggers/developers and get support in person.  I attended the Louisville Word Camp here in town and it was a great experience.  Though in the first session I was almost ready to cry, as you can tell by my tweet:  lucky for my an angel named Nile Flores smelled my despair and asked if I needed help.  I quite bluntly told her that I felt just plain dumb and did not understand anything that was discussed.  Nile pulled up my blog, gave it a once over and provided me with some great tips.  More importantly she let me know that I was not lost and she was able to explain how I should approach taking my blog to the next level.  As we talked our table was surrounded by 6 other people who felt like I did, but were too afraid to speak up.

Nile, Sayed & Me at Word Camp Louisville

After we broke for lunch the presentations were much better for me. I was able to understand what SEO was and how to apply it, learn about mobile framework, how to find the right plug-ins for my blog and how to properly use them, and I felt like a rock-star in the FB integration session.  Most of all I was given back my confidence that although I am not a developer I run a damn fine blog!  WordCamp was such an awesome experience that further energized me and my dream to become a professional natural hair blogger.  If there is a WordCamp in your area please join the gang and check out the sessions, you will not regret it. For those that are unable to make it, check out these great resources:,, and which offer free help and advice on WP blogging.


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