The Truth About Henna Part 5: Indigo

Indigo, or Indigofera tinctoria,  is an herb that imparts a blue stain.  Indigo has been used for centuries to dye cloth or clothing and also works on hair.  It is commonly known as black henna but it isn’t really black or henna,  not even a distant relative.  Indigo does impart a dark blue or purple stain.  Like henna it comes in a dry powdered form and should be green or brown in color.

yep it's greenish, not blue

Indigo is not a conditioning treatment however, it is great natural way to cover grey hair.  Indigo does not need to dye release like henna so you do not need to add an acid and you can use it immediately.  Indigo is most often used with henna in a 2-step process to create a more natural looking color.  Indigo is a stain so please wear gloves when applying.

To make an indigo paste you can simply use just plain water. You can add some oil to help with ease of application or conditioner if you want to make a gloss.  Apply the indigo to your hair, wrap with plastic wrap or cover with a plastic cap and allow to sit for about 30-60 minutes.  Rinse thoroughly with plain water then wash/co-wash and follow up with a good deep conditioner.

As with any recipe you can alter this to your liking.  Give it a try and let us know how it worked for you.

For more info on Henna check out these posts: What is henna, traditional henna, henna gloss, cassia.


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