The Truth About Henna Part 4: Cassia

If you’ve done a little research about henna you probably run across the term cassia.  Cassia, often referred to as “Nuetral Henna”, is not henna at all.  Cassia Obovata is made from a small shrub in the same manner as henna however it contains Chysophanic acid which is a mild yellow stain.  This stain may lightly stain your hands or a white counter top but is not strong enough to stain dark colored hair. **If you purchase Rainbow Research Henna from Whole Foods a lot of their products use Cassia**

Cassia however is a great conditioning treatment and it is often used in place of henna as it provides the same benefits, but not the red color.  You can add other natural dyes to your cassia to create a colored-hue if you choose to.  While cassia will most likely not stain as harsh as henna it is still advised that you wear gloves when applying.

cassia My daughter SK’s hair was dry and frizzy so we opted to do a cassia treatment for her hair.  To create a cassia conditioning treatment you can follow the same methods for henna whether the traditional or the gloss.  Below is the recipe I opted for:

  • 8 ounces of cassia
  • 2 Tbsp of lemon juice
  • 2 Tbsp of oliv oil
  • Green Tea steeped in boiling water

I combined the first three ingredients, then added enough tea until the mixture was brownie batter consistency.  (I used double the normal henna recipe because my daughter has a LOT of hair).  I allowed the recipe to sit for 30 minutes then applied to her hair using the shingle method.  Once the hair was covered I wrapped her hair in plastic wrap and let it sit for 2 hours.  She rinsed her hair several times until all the mixture was removed, then co-washed the hair and rinsed again. After the application SK’s hair was softer, more manageable and the frizz was gone.

As with any recipe you can alter this to your liking.  Give it a try and let us know how it worked for you.

For more info on Henna check out these posts: what is henna, henna application, henna gloss, indigo.


6 thoughts on “The Truth About Henna Part 4: Cassia

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  3. Hi I have done several cassia treatment on my chemically highlighted hair.. does that mean it has stained my hair and cant dye again a lighter shade

  4. I absolutely love Cassia and usually do a treatment with it on a weekly basis. Here’s my nourishing, simple yet effective recipe:
    100 gr. Cassia
    8 oz. Coconut Milk (warmed) or Yogurt
    2 TBS Molasses
    2 TBS Vatika Oil

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