Building a Better Blog: More Content

There are lots of natural hair blogs out there, so what separates a mediocre blog from a great blog? Well IMO one of those factors is content.  I have come across several fantastic postings that compel me to want to follow a blog only to discover that the writing is sporadic and greatly lacks content.  And while I understand that bloggers are real people too, as a reader I expect a certain level of content to be present if you decide to start a blog and for that content to be updated regularly.

This leads me to my recent undertaking: the post a day challenge.  The post a day challenge is in preparation for National Novel Writing month which is not something I am interested in but I was anxious to accept this challenge because I have a lot of post ideas quick written as drafts or scribbled down in my notebook that I need to finish.  I am not a writer by trade but I love to write and I think this challenge will help me become a better blogger.  And while I will not be exactly writing a new post everyday I will have a scheduled release of a post everyday.  *God bless the person who created the scheduling function in publisher*

If you are a natural hair or beauty blogger/vlogger/podcaster I encourage you to take part in this challenge.  Leave a comment with your site below and I will be sure to check in on your post.  As for the readers sit back and enjoy all the awesome content that I will be delivering.  Here’s a clue: most of them will be product reviews that I never posted.  If you have any topics or suggestions for posts please leave a comment below with your request and I will try my best to accommodate.


8 thoughts on “Building a Better Blog: More Content

  1. DCN, could you please address winter regimens, headscarf tutorials, hair product reviews for the cold weather season, fly winter hats and do’s for the season? That would be great!

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