Recap: DCN Presents Curls & Cocktails Part 3 ~ Moisture

August’s Curls & Cocktails topic was moisture, a thing that many naturals seems to battle.  The goal of this session was to address issues of moisture for both loose-hair and loc’d naturals by delving into what practices, products and techniques can be used to address the issue of moisture.

So let’s start with the basics; moisture comes from water or water-based things.  Your hair and scalp (like the rest of your body) needs water.  First step in keeping your hair moisturized is by drinking plain water; not sports drinks, juice, diet soda or tea, but plain water.  If your body does not have the proper amount of water or any nutrient your hair, skin and nails will be the first to show it.  To determine the amount of water you should be drinking check out this hydration calculator.

Second, step is to apply water to your hair daily.  Whether your drench your hair under the faucet, spritz it lightly with a spray bottle or let it steam a little in the shower you should give your hair some sort of water everyday.

But spritzing your hair with water just isn’t enough as that water will evaporate.  That is where water-based moisturizers come in.  These moisturizers help soften the hair and give your curls a little love, but must also be sealed in by butters or oils to retain the love you just put in.  Check the video below for more info on products for moisture or read my post about moisture here.  

Lastly there are techniques you can do to help give your hair a moisture boost like steaming.  Steaming your hair works by using heat to help open the cuticle layer and allowing moisture to penetrate deeper into the hair strand.  You can go to the salon and have your hair professionally steamed by machines like the MicroMist which uses smaller mist particles to penetrate deeply or purchase an at home steamer like the Huetiful Hair Steamer.  For those budget conscience curlies don’t fret you don’t have to spend a lot of money to steam your hair.  Dampen a towel with a little water and pop it in the microwave for 20-30 seconds then wrap around your hair, voila!

I want to thank the Natural Alternatives Salon of Louisville, KY for their continued sponsorship of the Curls & Cocktails series along with Rhythm liquor for providing such lovely cocktails and Go Natural Hair & Body Boutique for providing a giveaway. 

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