Product Review Oyin Funk Butter

Oyin Handmade

Funk Butter, All Natural Deodorant

$5 for 2 oz tin

Available Online at Oyin Handmade 

Oyin’s Funk Butter is a cream-to-powder, aluminum free all natural formula that absorbs odor and moisture with natural baking soda, clay and vegetable starches.  Funk Butter is Oyin’s answer to any unwanted funk in your life and is effective under arms or between the toes.

ing: baking soda, cornstarch, shea butter, coconut oil, sunflower oil, tapioca starch, kaolin clay, caldendula and chamomile powder, olive oil & good wishes.

The skin under my arms is very sensitive and I have broken out in rashes from anti-perspirants that contained high levels of aluminum.  There are several natural deodarant out on the market, but some either leave behind a creepy residue while others still left me well, funky.  There are commercial anti-perspirants that I can use but I have to rotate them and cannot use them for long periods of time.  I have also used prescriptions but they tend to be a little over effective and leave my skin dry not to mention they’re expensive.  So when I saw that Oyin had a natural deodorant I decided to give it a try and I am glad I did!

5 Things I like about this product:

  1. The product is available in both unscented and scented varieties. Many manufactures fail to realize that perfumes and scent oils can be  irritating to the skin which further cause a problem.
  2. The scented varieties have both masculine and feminine scents.  I chose the coco-mango and it smells divine.
  3. The product works.  Plain and simple it does exactly what it claims to do.
  4. A little really does go a long way.  I use less than a pea-sized amount under each arm and it kept me fresh and dry all day.
  5. It rinses clean.  Some deodorants I have to basically exfoliate to remove the residue from my skin which can cause irritation.  This funk butter comes off clean in the shower with no lingering residue.
I bought this product during a spring/summer sale on Oyin’s website and I have not regretted the purchase.  The product is blended smooth, and is not gritty at all.  I have not encountered any skin irritation, though it cautions not to use after shaving so I did not.  It contains a lot of oils and butters but does not heavily coat the skin or rub-off on clothes.  This will be a repeat purchase for me as long as it is available.  The 2 oz tin is the perfect size however it is not suited for travel during hot months.  I would recommend this product to those who are sensitive to commercial deodorants or those looking for a natural alternative.

8 thoughts on “Product Review Oyin Funk Butter

  1. You definitely have me interested. Ive been using the clinical protection by Secret and I too feel like I gotta put a little too much elbow grease into removing the residue. So I might have to give this a try.

    • I used it this summer along with a couple other deodorants and was pleased with the results. I will say that when I put it on in the morning it lasted a typical 8-9 hour workday, but if I was going out that evening I would wash up and reapply. Not trying to be the funky chick in the room :)

  2. My skin is sensitive in that area as well, but then I also don’t want to use something that can’t really handle the job. I saw this, but I wasn’t sure. I’m glad I saw your review. Thanks!

  3. I get irritated all the time with deodorants. But i figured that was just the priced I paid to not be funky. I never considered using an all natural deodorant. But now i am going to go buy myself some and test it out. Is this product only available online?

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