F is for FAIL

When I first saw the natural hair videos posted by Type F I could do nothing but laugh hysterically!  Who? What? Oh no she didn’t!  

Certainly these vids had to be some strange attempt at satire as the advice given was absolutely horrible.  Then I continued to watch the other vids (yes there are more) and my laughter turned to disgust.  Oh wait, she is really serious!  Brushing a dry afro? Teasing with a fine tooth comb? And did she just pose at the end as if she really did something? No ma’m.

I visited the “stylist” JoAnn Robertson’s personal webpage which is featured in the info section of the vid.  There were no loose hair naturals in her portfolio, but there was a girl with locs.  The hairstyles pictured looked decent but there was no way to prove she actually did them.  I went to Type F’s website to look for more vids and watched all 13 vids by this “hair professional” only to find more foolishness.  I watched one vid on combing the hair.  My six-year-old son was looking over my shoulder and stated, “Mommy she’s not doing that right. She needs a spray bottle and some hair lotion and a pic.”  If my six year old can get it what in the world is wrong with this lady?!?!

Yes indeed the “f” in Type F must mean fail.  So many things are not just in bad taste or misguided but inherently wrong.  So what’s the big deal?  The problem is that Type F is backed by Tyra, yep the Tyra Banks ex-Victoria Secret Angel, former supermodel, Sport’s Illustrated cover girl and creator behind America’s Next Top Model, read article introducing the site.  So to outsiders and the uninformed they see high quality, professional videos backed by Tyra and they think the advice presented is correct.  That could not be further from the truth, these vids are pure tomfollery and ignorant.

I started blogging to share natural hair care and to help others along their journey.  I am not a licensed cosmetologist,  nor do I play one on tv, but I do know good common sense about hair care.  I find these vids to be personally insulting, deceptive and disrespectful to the craft.  I am incredibly disappointed with these vids and will be letting them know exactly how I feel and I advise you to do the same.  Contact Type F via email: support@typeF.com you can also leave a comment on their YouTube videos and by selecting the dislike (thumbs down) button and tell them to have a seat.


38 thoughts on “F is for FAIL

  1. Everything you’ve written is so on point. I watched more videos this morning and I was disgusted. I found myself becoming angry at Joanne Robertson and Tyra Banks. Uber fail!

      • I sent an e-mail to the address above and received this response today:
        Hello Maya,
        Thank you so much for reaching out to us and for making us aware of your concerns about some of the natural hair videos created by JoAnn Robertson on our site and our YouTube channel. typeF is committed to creating quality content. We have since removed these videos from our site and our YouTube channel. We are currently in the process of reviewing them.
        Thank you again for reaching out to us.
        Jodi Cararas
        Director of Content

    • they have not renamed or made private the videos after many sistas on natural hair fb page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/2205218963/?id=10150311799843964) objected. some of us also posted objections on the Type F fb page. folks would like to see Tyra step up and address this. one should not lend their name to a product or a company unless they know with whom they are dealing. Type F appears not to have bothered to hire natural hair experts

  2. I died a little inside watching those clips.. I can’t even take the rest of the videos seriously now, even if some might have good advice. There are “average” YouTube folks who know more than these folks. PLUS they actually show what to do. You got me heated this Saturday morning, lol…

  3. I just had to come back and add that in regard to her “hairstyles” she reminds me of the negative stereotype of Buckwheat. So not cool!

  4. all I can say is “oh…wow….” she is serious!! That mess looked horrible!!! Yes, I’ve learned you never tug and brush dry hair!! And it looked dry and hard!! Wow…..

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  6. This is a scalding hot mess! Did you HEAR her poor, dry hair as she brushed it into submission! Sounded like a horse eating crackers! A shame. Wherever she got her licenses from needs to revoke it! And exactly who is Tyra Banks to endorsed a natural haired stylist, anyway?! I’m too through!

  7. We had a FIELD day with this in our group last night!! This chick is a mess!! Everything plus MORE was spoke upon in the group too!!! She (MEANING TYRA) should be ashamed of herself for backing this foolery… this coonery… SMH… I really hope there aren’t too many black women following this abomination!!!


  8. I read the comments before watching the video and I didn’t think it could possibly be that bad but DAMN!!! I REFUSE to believe this is serious!!! And what the heck was she posing for???!!! That wasn’t any where near a hair style it was just a hot fricking mess!!! I actually LOL’d at this nonsense and then it made me wonder who in their right mind would let this “stylist” sniff their hair let alone put a comb/brush init!!! Rant over, but I had to put in my 2 pence worth.

  9. “F” is for FAIL is soooo right, no wonder people are no misinformed, Tyra, I always loved your work untill now, smh, so disappointed.

  10. I really…I have no words. There is an Aunt Jemima one. AUNT JEMIMA INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO. Its not even an insult, if you follow her instructions, you will look like the image on an old box of Aunt Jemima.

    I actually think her looking so horrid is the best thing for these videos until they are removed. Her hair looks SO bad no sensible person would want to look that way.

    Seriously, in this age of fabulous youtube videos, this PROFESSIONAL ignorance of natural hair care, styles, and maintenance is absolutely unacceptable. She and Andre Walker need to sit down in a corner and never talk or film again.

    And where are her edges? Just because you hair is not relaxed beneath your weave does not make you a natural hair expert.

    Um. For having no words, I actually typed a lot.

  11. Its sad that some who does hair for a living would put this video out and be serious with it. I have been natural for years and would never use a brush like that on my dry air. Moisture is our friend and that hair was desert dry. I think the technique it self might work but mositure is needed in this and a different styling tool also. Good luck to her as now she has shown that her knowledge is not in natural black hair care

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  14. Honestly, Tyra’s hair has never been anything to write home about…so I’m not even surprised.
    Sn: I tried to view the video and it has been removed by user… you gals’ comments definitely did something. :)

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