Brown Sugar Scalp Scrub

So ya’ll know I love all things pre-poo and here is a cool one for you to try.  This pre-poo scalp scrub is simple and easy for you to do and you already have the ingredients in your kitchen.  This scrub will not only help remove sweat, flakes, dandruff from your scalp but it will also increase circulation and stimulate blood flow which is important for scalp health.  While anyone can try this recipe I recommend it for those with dry scalp, dandruff sufferers or those with psoriasis.  You can also apply this to any area of your body.

Brown Sugar Scalp Scrub

  • 2 Tbsp of Brown Sugar
  • 2 Tbsp of Olive Oil (or your favorite oil)

Place sugar in a bowl and press with fork to remove any lumps. Mix in oil a teaspoon at a time to your liking, it should form a nice thin paste.  Part hair into 8-10 sections and secure.  Next apply the scrub directly to your scalp and massage in circular motion, removing clips as you go along to reach all of your scalp. Rinse your hair then clense and condition as normal.

This recipe is easily customizable by adjusting the ratio of sugar to oil you can make a courser mixture by using more sugar or thinner with more oil.  You can also experiment with different types of sugar like sugar in the raw, demerara, turninado or muscovado.  Or you can use a drop or two of essential oils to suit your scalp needs.


10 thoughts on “Brown Sugar Scalp Scrub

  1. Can you tell me how this scrub would work for someone with locs. I would be afraid that little grains of sugar wouldn’t completely rince out and get stuck in locs…creating more build up.

    • Good question! The scrub is applied directly to the scalp and worked in then rinsed clean. Sugar is water soluble (meaning it dissolves in water think about making kool-aid) there for there is nothing to get stuck in the hair. Rinse with warm water and massage the dirt, sugar, skin, and debris away from the scalp.

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    • I have never seen a recipe using conditioner so I am not sure how much or why. I use this as a pre-cleanser (before shampooing). However if I had to guess I would say to replace 1/2 the oil listed in my recipe with the condish and see how that works. One thing you want to note is that the water will have tendency to desolve the sugar quicker. Try it out and let me know your results.

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