Natural Hair Pet Peeves

Some things in regards to hair really irritate me like people who leave hair in the hairbrush.  Or those that don’t cleanse them regularly, leave them just gunked up with product then ask if I want to use their brush. That’s just gross.  But there are certain things that irritate me in regards to natural hair, natural hair blogs, etc specifically that I need to vent about.  Because you care, here are a list of my natural hair pet peeves:

  1. People (and companies) that talk about using oil for moisture.  Oil does NOT moisturize your hair.  It can soften, seal, protect, but not moisturize.
  2. People who say “twa” as oppose to “t-w-a” this is just annoying.  It seems like you are trying to sound faux-french or fancy.
  3. People who go on message boards or FB pages and ask questions without first reading a book, googling or simply reading previous posts.
  4. Companies that take some shea butter mix it up with some essential oils then try to sell a 4oz jar for $12. Stop. It. Now.
  5. People who complain about their hair being dry but drink less than 1 glass of actual water a day.  Your body needs water and your hair and skin will be the first to suffer the consequences, so drink up.
  6. 18-month long protective style challenges.  I’m exaggerating but what is the point of having something nice if you never show it off? Reminds me of Smiegel from Lord of the Rings.
  7. Company’s marketing gimicks that claim far-fetched returns on some basic ingredient that is last on the ingredients list.  *smh*
  8. Hair Vitamins/Supplements.  I don’t really hate vitamins, but I hate that ppl put more faith in taking a magic pill then actually eating a balanced diet.
  9. Fake product reviews on Youtube where the product was not properly applied or even used correctly.  Have some intellectual honesty.  I once saw a review where a girl applied a new gel on hair that already had product in it from earlier that day and only applied it to her hair line then called it a great definer.  C’mon son.
  10. People who OVER do it when it comes to the amount of a product or the number of products used.  I have seen people use an entire 8 oz jar of come hair cream to twist their hair which was maybe chin length when stretched then wondered why their hair felt coated.  Less is more.
Well that  is just a few of my natural hair pet peeves, what are yours?

32 thoughts on “Natural Hair Pet Peeves

      • SMH, yeah, it gets the side eye from me too. Don’t get me wrong, if somebody has the money to spend and they want to buy the high-dollar butters, then go for it. But there are a ton of great butter recipes that can be made at home that can match or exceed the performance of those expensive butters **cough, Miss Jessie’s**cough.

  1. I hate it when people say that if you don’t keep your hair in a protective style it will break off!! That is pure dookie!! Stop trying to scare me! Oh and I agree 100% about the water AND the oil! My mother used to pack my hair with grease and/or oils and couldn’t figure out why it was still dry!

    • i agreee with u wholeheartedly on this, especially about the oil. i remember even wen i had the creamy crack on my hair, whenever it got really dry i’d put that petrolatum oil/ mineral oil on my hair and no matter wat it still felt dry. i cud never understand y, but now i know.

  2. #3 straight from my mind to yours. Its irksome. Cause its questions that can easily be Googled n answered. Or its questions that have been talked about a million times! Like come on educate Plus a person gets more information when doing self research.
    #9 like for real what’s sad is that they really think their doing something beneficial for the viewers. please.

  3. One of my pet peeves is when people critique someone’s efforts. And I can clearly see your “green “eye. Another pet peeve is when someone asks is that my real hair?then reach out an touch before I can say. You’ve just about covered all the rest.

  4. When watching youtube videos and they do post BC updates! Saying this is my hair one month after and its past their ear. They claim they got the magic product that makes your hair grow 3-4 inches in a month. They fail to tell you they been transitioning for six months before they BCed!
    (~,~) riiiiight….

  5. Hilarious! I agree with the entire list. I really can’t do the protective style challenges. I like wearing my hair out. If I wore it in protective styles all the time, I would have no fun with it.

  6. Vloggers who go on and on, overshare, and tell about every aspect of their lives. Stop flinging your hair, kissing the hair, and winking at the camera. Vlogging brings out the camera-loving narcissist is people. Just show me the hairstyle and how to do it. Vloggers lose me if they haven’t begun to show me how to do the hairstyle within the first 2 minutes.

  7. Ladies who say they are “natural” when they have 9 inches of relaxed hair and 1 inch of new growth. No honey…you’re transitioning or you just can’t afford to go to the hairdresser, lol. Oh, and I also get annoyed by transitioners who get upset when dealing with the two textures, give up and get a relaxer, and then say, “going natural didn’t work for me.” If you’re going to transition, have realistic expectations.

  8. I read this list and fell a little bit in love. Agree with almost everything in it, she says as she pulls the hair out of her brush.

    And can I add the faux-natural vloggers to the list?

    The chicks who cut it all off, rock a dry TWA, go on youtube and talk about how they’ve given up the “creamy crack” and love the new “sistahood”, “girl power!” Then six months later, they are posting another vlog about how hard the “journey” was, how the growth wasn’t what they expected, and how their hair isn’t “pretty” and are therefore not going to go back to the “creamy crack” because that would be “wrong” but are just going to “texlax” this time. Girls, bye. Get off the youtube and start moisturizing.

    • yep i got no qualms with tex-laxers, or silkeners but just be honest. Your hair is a personal journey but if you choose to share it with the world then be forthcoming about your stuggles. Going natural def has its highs and lows but the good days outweigh the bad so I won’t complain–actually i do complain, but I also brag on my good days.

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