3 Strand Twists

3 Strand Twists are exactly what they sound like; twisting the hair using 3 strands instead of the typical two.  Actually you can do any number of twists  4, 5, 6, etc.  it is just important that you remember to wrap the strands around as oppose to braiding.  When twisting imagine you are wrapping each strand around like an imaginary may pole.  Here is a great tutorial describing how to 3 strand twist the hair >>> http://youtu.be/lS71kyJTOOQ

So why do a 3 Strand twist?  Good question.  The more strands you use the thicker and more compact the resulting twist looks.  Those with fine or stringy hair may appreciate a bigger twist.  Also if you are doing a twist-out your curls will be bigger and more defined.

Here is an up-close shot of my 3-strand twists. These were done on wet hair using Koils By Nature Herbal Gel.  There area aprox 40 twists and this style took about 90 minutes to complete.

I wore these twists for a couple days then decided to take them down for a twist-out.  To unravel I the twists I rubbed them with Koils By Nature Sweet Almond Joy Hair Butter first to smooth them then gently untwisted them.

As you can see the 3ST result in great definition and corkscrew-like curls.  This is an ideal hair style for someone with limp or fine hair, those who want more defined curls or someone who wants big hair.  To increase the volume after you have separated the twists you can further separate each strand.  I normally do this on day 1 or 2 of a twist-out.

Here is the final result of my work.  I hope that this helps raise your interest in trying different styles.  If so please send in your pix and share them with us.


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