Curly Fears

Okay so if you’ve been natural for any period of time now I am sure you can identify with the following scenario:

While hanging around your home, most likely the bathroom, you glance down and double-take at what appears to be a spider.  You originally freak-out then upon closer inspection you realize it was only a clump of coiled hair.  False alarm.

Black Widow Spider

Well tonight after taking my dog out for short walk, I was preparing to hop in the shower when i caught a random hanging curl in my peripheral view. I’ll admit the thought of it possibly being a bug made me jump a little.  I walked to the mirror to remove said random hair to discover it WAS AN ACTUAL SPIDER!!! I grabbed the web dropped it on the floor and proceeded to beat it to death with  a wedge-heel sandal.  EWWWWWWWWWW.

I really hate spiders.  Well bugs in general really.  While I take on most of life’s challenges head on with enough grit to make Teddy Roosevelt proud, bugs are another matter.  My dislike for spiders is compounded by the fact that I grew up in California where black widow spiders are present and was taught to burn them, their egg sacks and webs on sight.  But being an 80’s baby I also watched the movie Arachnophobia as a child and that movie still gives me the creeps. 

After the spider was thoroughly smashed, I insisted on searching every square centimeter of my hair to ensure it was bug free (it was).  I found a bump on my scalp and compared it to pictures of spider bites on google images (yeah I’m a little obsessive), but I’m pretty sure it was just a pimple.  Below is a picture of the monstrous, 8-legged offender that prompted this post.  So has this ever happened to you?  Have you ever had the spider fake-out or worse yet and actual spider? 


5 thoughts on “Curly Fears

  1. That just happened to me on Saturday night. I have cleaned every nook and cranny, window sills, and sprayed the entire house and gonna spray the perimeter of the house. I do not like spiders!

  2. Unreal, just this week-end I had a very simular incident to happen to me. I had been outside watering my flowers and I thought I felt something like web brush up against my face; so I brushed at my face (a little franticly) and came in to the house only to feel like something was crawling around on the top of my head. I swiped (even more franticly) and a spider fell on the counter I was standing next to.Needless to say that rascal is dead!

  3. My husband and I were coming home from a night out. Upon opening the screen we look down to see a shadow of something. Getting closer to we realize it’s the suburban version of a tarantula!!!!!!!!! OMG, this thing was the size of a baby mouse. NO JOKE. They are actually called wolf spiders and yes they are hairy. Eww. eww. eww.

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