It’s On Like Ares

Ares the Greek god of war

What does Ares the Greek god of war have to do with natural hair?  Welcome to the latest uproar in the natural hair community.

Enter Pi Nappa Kappa, A Natural Hair Sorority started on FB first as a group but also as page. I was invited to be a member of the group a while back and have “liked” the page also.  The group describes itself as

“The Pledge is coming soon. The Latin word soror, meaning “sister” and frater meaning “brother” respectively takes on an entirely new meaning with us. We do not take the word Soro lightly here. As we develop our brand, group loyalty and numbers we will go out and share the good news of living a natural hair health and beauty lifestyle. We embrace Naturals wherever we see them.”

Sounds warm and fuzzy right? So why the uproar?  There are several YouTube vids that touched on being “coerced” to purchase Pi Nappa Kappa gear and told they were not real members until they made a purchase.  There were others who felt the group sounded “elitist” while others called it a “cult”.

I think it is simply much ado about nothing.  Wanting to belong is a basic human need, just ask Maslow.  People like the idea of being included in something that is why we have clubs and organizations.  And while some greeks feel like the use of the term sorority is somehow insulting to their “real sisterhood” I find that response just plain silly.  Sorority simply means sisterhood so you could even call nuns a Catholic Sorority.

My Curlfriends and I in St Louis

I am a member of the Natural Hair Society along with several natural hair message boards, dozens of natural hair FB groups and pages, meet-up groups, etc.  In case you couldn’t tell from my blog, youtube account and fb page I like talking about natural hair and sharing it with others.  No one is forced to belong, I have never paid any membership for being natural and I own a couple natural hair t-shirts.  My pride in natural hair doesn’t make me part of a cult, a snob, or a relaxed hair hater; it simply means I enjoy my hair and want to support others on their journey.

So what are your thoughts on a natural hair sorority?  Offensive? Elitist? A cult? Or just a fun group?


7 thoughts on “It’s On Like Ares

  1. I have seen the groupon facebook, but I had no idea what sparked all of the debate. With things like that, it’s up to a personal choice. It could be fun for the people who choose to join. Others can participate in other groups that they prefer.

  2. I just think it’s a bit much, we have TONS of groups out there already. But to each it’s own, I will not be joining simply because I don’t want to be apart of any group or organization simply because of the fact that I have natural hair. I enjoy blogging about it, and chatting among the natural hair community on twitter and youtube.

  3. As said many times before, in prior comments, they are not forcing anyone to join. I’m a member and haven’t felt any pressure to buy anything or stay apart of the group. I cringe when negative comments are tossed around in our own community. If you don’t like something, simply do not become a part of it. You do NOT need to tear it down and try to make others shy away from it. This is a problem that we have dealt with for a looooong time. Live and let live is what I say and if it makes someone else happy, why try to steal their joy. Grow up!!!

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