Afrobella’s All My Purple Life — Back By Popular Demand

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In my teens I loved MAC Cosmetics VIVA Glam ads featuring the fabulous Ru Paul.  It reminded me of all things glitz and glamor.  Over the years while I have liked and admired their make-up I never purchased anything from MAC Cosmetics because it was just too dang expensive and I am just too practical.

That all changed when blogger Afrobella was selected to take part of MAC Cosmetic’s blogger obsession line.  Beauty bloggers where allowed to submit a name and a color for a cosmetic and a selected few would be allowed to actually create their idea.  Afrobella created a tinted lipglass called All My Purple Life named after Prince song Erotic City.  I love Prince but purple lipgloss did not seem like it would look good on my but I wanted to support my fellow blogger so I did.

Boy am I ever glad that I did! I LOVE THIS COLOR! It is my fav cosmetic in my arsenal. If I can only put on one thing before rushing out of the house it is definitely this product. It brought me back to my teenage days and the feeling of glitz and glamor.  There are so many different ways to wear this color and change the look by outlining with a lip pencil, wearing it over another lip  color, or changing the amount you apply.  My only regret was that I did not purchase two as the color had a limited time run.  Well thanks to popular demand MAC Cosmetics has re-released the color and it is now available to purchase again for $14.50 + tax! Use coupon code “txt” to receive free standard shipping.


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