Wealth of Knowledge (via MY Words of the Week)

This is a feature that was done by the FABULOUS Michelle Yeager Turner.  While reading the Onyx Louisville Newsletter this morning and was shocked to see myself in it! I wanted to re-blog this not to boast or brag but to show you that if you are passionate about something you need to find a way to make your dreams come true. Natural hair is my bliss, it really brings me life in a way that no other activity/hobby/lifestyle ever has. It is nice to see that others recognize your gifts and encourage you to use them.

Wealth of Knowledge Wealth of Knowledge None of us know everything about everything.  Most of know nothing about most things.  Some of us are full of things.  And a few of us know a wealth of information about one thing. I found this last part to be true about a woman here in Louisville.  For the longest time I just knew her by the posts she’d put on Facebook.  Then I became intrigued by her through the photos she posted of various women in Louisville rockin’ out th … Read More

via MY Words of the Week


2 thoughts on “Wealth of Knowledge (via MY Words of the Week)

  1. Just stumbled upon your blog, Good reading! One suggestion though, please change either the background or the font color, otherwise its pretty hard reading through the blog.

    • Yes that is a problem I have received from IE users, the page is not loading completely that is why it is not coming through clearly. I have made changes to the background image so this should not be a problem anymore. I appreciate the feedback.

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