My Bad Hair Habits

Ok, I’ll admit it.  Just because I know better doesn’t mean I always do better.  While I have no problem consulting others on going natural, what to do with their natural hair, what products to use, etc. I myself don’t always follow my own advice. *gasp*

So I am confessing my bad hair habits, will you forgive me?

  1. While I have said numerous times never to scratch your scalp as you will only further irritate, spread and/or introduce bacteria [and whatever else is under your finger nails] to the area; there is always one spot in the back of my head that itches and I scratch it like crazy.  I know that by scratching I am only making it worse but dang it those 10 seconds of relief are worth it.
  2. I cut at my hair for no reason at all.  If I see a frayed end, a curl that doesn’t quite fit or I don’t like the way my hair is laying: I cut it.  The problem is I rarely let a professional do it so there are some parts of my head that are uneven due to my recent scissor attack.
  3. I hate SSK’s which I get often regardless of what I do to prevent them and if there are not any scissors around I snap them out of my hair.  Yes, I know this is horrible and leads to split-ends, but I can’t stand knowing that they are there.
  4. While I moisturize my hair daily I don’t always seal.  Why?  Well cuz some days I just don’t care, other days I’m just too lazy.
  5. I don’t always protect my hair when sleeping.  When I’m at home I use a satin pillowcase so I don’t have to wrap up my hair.  I will remember to take it with me on vacation, however if I am just staying the night at a friend’s home it’s not happening.  I own over 5 head scarves and I could put one in my car for this kind of situation but I won’t.

So those are my current bad hair habits you can read my previous confessions here.  What are some of your bad hair habits?



6 thoughts on “My Bad Hair Habits

  1. Sealing my hair is a hassle because the oil leaves my hair stringy at times. My biggest bad hair habit, though, is that I didn’t get my hair trimmed for more than a year. When I did get my hair trimmed, my curls came back to life!! Waiting so long between trims, caused my hair to break off and I lost so much length.
    I am committed to getting my hair trimmed every 3 or 4 months. It won’t be easy because I start back to school this fall and I work at a demanding job; by the time I get home at night, I’m exhausted!

    • yeah color is something i learned early on that you should leave to the pros. i love DIY projects but you can really mess things up with store bought color. prayers for your scalp :) on a positive note i know several diy deep condish that would make your scalp feel better.

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