Why I Attend Natural Hair Meet-Ups

My twitter homey @Lashawnb recently hosted a natural hair meet-up in nearby Lexington, KY and sent me an invite.  More than just going out to support a friend I anxiously awaited attending and even brought my Cuzzo Ro (Queen of the Fluffy Hair) to roll with me. 

People ask me, “You run a blog, fb page, host meet-ups and consult naturals on hair care, so why would you want to attend a hair meet-up?”

People ask me,” You run a blog, fb page, host meet-ups and consult naturals on hair care, so why would you want to attend a hair meet-up?”  The answer is simple:

  • Forsake not the knowledge of other naturals:  I think of it as continuing education.  There is always a method, technique or idea out there when it comes to natural hair that it is silly to think that anyone can “know-it-all”.  And while everything is not for everyone I often search for knowledge that I can share with others who cannot find an answer to their dilemma.
  •  Try before you buy:  At most meet-ups naturals bring in their products to share, discuss methods of application or swap.  This is a great opportunity to test out or sample a product you may have been interested in.  LaShawn brought along her favorite Curl Junkie products, a line I was interested in but had yet to try.  I was able to test the products on my hair to find those that would work best.
  • Get help with styling:  I love the look of coils in my hair but I have problems with them.  If I do finger coils the root tends to puff up because my hair is wavier rather than curly.  But if I do comb coils my hair tends to tangle in the comb due to the length.  We experimented on different methods to coil my hair.
  • Camaraderie: Connecting with people of similar interests/situations is a basic human need.  The natural hair community is sort of a sisterhood that celebrates and encourages one another along their journey.  I have made so many curlfriends because of my natural hair and they are truly some of the best friends I have ever had. 
  • Giveaways:  Who doesn’t love free stuff?  I have a 3 naturals in my house so I always appreciate winning a new product that I am able to try on me and the kiddos. 


Have you hosted or attended a natural hair meet-up?  What do you love most about meet-ups?


4 thoughts on “Why I Attend Natural Hair Meet-Ups

  1. Hello my name is Natasha, I spoke with a friend from Lexington last night that told me about Derby City Naturals’s. I would like to attend your next meet up in Louisville or Lexington

    • Hey Natasha that is awesome and I am glad you found me. Make sure you subscribe to this blog for all the latest articles, updates and info including meet-ups. The next event we have coming up is Friday July 15th @ 8 pm called Curls & Cocktails here in Louisville, I will post some additional info as the day gets closer. You can also like my FB http://www.facebook.com/DerbyCityNaturals for more info as well.

  2. OMG thx 4 this post. i just attended an event in may! this event turned into 2meeting some FAB ladies & now we are hosting our own event in Philly july 23rd. i am sooo excited & cant wait 2 continue the journey with fellow naturalistas!

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