Summer Hair Make-Over

Summer is here and we are finally shedding away those winter blues.  Goodbye tucked-ends and protective styles hello wash-n-gos and huge fros.  And while we get ready for all that fun in the sun it’s common for naturals to want to change up their look.  If Ricki Lake was still around she would have a show titled, ” Winter’s cold has been shook, so give me a hot Summer look” or something like that, lol :)

So I posed the following question on twitter,

#NaturalHair ladies if you were going to have a make-over would you rather they cut, colored, or straightened your hair?”

The answer was a resounding: color.  Interesting enough that was my choice also.  So I mulled over the results I received to try and figure out why.

If you have ever watched a make-over show they ALWAYS want to flatiron women with curly hair for a dramatic effect.  It has always irritated me especially because they have the model look all frowny and depressed in the curly hair before then vibrant and happy in the straight hair after as if her curls were holding back her joy.  *fuming*  This also irritates me because it is not a practical style choice as straightening requires way too much work for day to day styling.  And its not as if straight hair is some new invention like the lady didn’t know she had that option.  She obviously chose to go low-manipulation with her natural texture and now you  gave her some redic ‘do that’s good for a few day? Cheated.

There are a few naturals who responded back that they would like their hair cut into a cute curly style.  I can get with that as when I saw Taren’s big chop vid I kinda wanted to grab some scissors myself.  However, most naturals are anxious to grow out their natural hair to at least shoulder length (if not mid-back length) you would have to fight them to do more than a trim.

But then there is color.  I have colored and highlighted my hair in the past both relaxed and natural.  However, I know that a lot of relaxed women avoided color out of fear of breakage (chemical x chemical = danger).  But now that that they are natural, they want to venture and explore with color.  While coloring hair is not without challenges, it is a chemical process so there are risks and measures you need to take, however it is like a whole new world.  You can color your hair naturally with henna, use 5 foils to highlight the crown, go multi-colored with high and low lights or just get some all over color.  There are tons of color options out there.

So my question for you all is if you were going to get a summer hair make-over what would you change?


2 thoughts on “Summer Hair Make-Over

  1. I know that I should try and color my hair because the gray hair is really coming in, but just not feeling like color. I have earned each and every one of my gray hairs, and I’m going to embrace them!! Maybe the younger men (under 35) will stand up and notice my gray hair!!

    For the Summer of 2011, I really need to cut my raggedy ends off. I haven’t been able to catch up with my barber, but I’m determined to do so real soon!! Will post pics of my new cut asap.

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