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I was tagged by WiseCurls (aka NaturallyLocked) on the topic, “Why I Write”. 

I have only been a natural hair blogger for under a year, but I have always been a writer.  I have kept a diary since I was a young girl and English was always one of my favorite subjects in school.  At one point in life I wanted to be a writer or journalist but my older brother Antonio told me that they don’t make any money so I had to pick something else.  Why I listened to a 15 year-old for career advice I will never know *sigh*.

People often comment on my “encyclopedic brain” — for you young’ns encyclopedias were books with information in them about a vast array of topics, this was pre-internet.  I developed my lust for knowledge and information from my parents who are both avid readers.  Me and my siblings were always encouraged to read  and often had to read and write a report on something as a punishment when we said we were bored.  Whenever we had a question about something we didn’t understand my mom would tell us to “look it up”.  I have a very good memory for things I am interested in and I love to share this knowledge freely.

When I first started my FB page the goal was to gather and share information on natural hair.  People would often ask me the same questions repeatedly so I began to write notes to put all the information in one place.  Once I got to 100 posts it became too cumbersome for people to locate the information so I started this blog.   It surprises me that people actually listen (read) what I have to say.  I don’t feel like I am saying any information that isn’t  already out there, but I guess it is easier if someone gathers it together for you in one place.  A couple months ago I did a Curly Reading Meet-Up discussing natural hair books where I read 21 books in a two week period to prepare.  People could not believe I read that many books over a short time period.  I told them that reading about natural hair is recreation for me; some people watch TV in the evenings, I read, blog, surf the web and watch youtube vids.

My 3 Pearls of Wisdom:

1.  Write about what interests you.  If you want your blog to be long lasting then it has to be something that you will remain passionate about.  I love natural hair, to see a beautiful head of curls really makes me happy.  But, if you only have a few things to say, I would suggest submitting a guest post to a popular blog or forum as oppose to creating an entire blog about it.

2.  Listen to your gut.  And not your dumb older brother.  While I have still made a nice life for myself in the technology field, I find myself waiting to get home and write.  Writing down my thoughts and sharing them with the world really excites me.  I am my own boss and write about what I think people should know.  If they like it they read it.  But if they don’t well that’s okay too.

3.  Never stop learning.  I believe that everyone has the power to teach someone something.  Quite often it is interactions with those whom I do not necessarily agree with or have a different point of view that drives me to learn more about a topic.  In the internet age that we currently live in there is just no excuse for ignorance, I carry the world’s largest encyclopedia in my purse.

Tag, you’re it!  Why do you write? What are your 3 pearls? Tag 5 new bloggers.

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2 thoughts on “Why I Write –Diarrhea of the Fingers

  1. Love it!
    I’ve always been a writer, I even thought that writing would be my perfect career choice, but I had to switch gears when I found myself starting to hate writing. So for me, it’s a way to release without telling everyone all of my business.

    My pearls of wisdom –

    1. Write whatever you want. If writing random words on a sheet of paper makes you feel some kind of way, by all means, do you!

    2. Your writing can be as personal or as private as you need it to be. Everyone can’t keep up a blog like you and I do, so if you want to write in a locked journal, that’s fine. Your words can be between you and the paper.

    3. Last but not least, always write from the heart. Put your all into the words on that paper (or on that computer screen). Whether you’re writing about hair, or gossip, love or politics, put 100% into every piece that you write. You will be happy with the end result no matter what.

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