Turbans, head wraps and scarves, oh my!  This is the hot look for the summer, but some of you may have trouble incorporating this style into your everyday regi.  Have no fear there is a style out there for everyone it just takes a little experimentation and practice.

me as a turbanista


The first thing you need if you want to rock a headpiece is fabric.  You can use anything from a t-shirt, scarf, wrap, or even go crazy at the fabric store.  While the shape, size and material really does not matter there are several choices.   Square, rectangle or triangle it is your preference.  I prefer to use rectangular scarves that measure between 18″ – 30″ wide and 42″ – 72″ long.  The scarf in the picture is rectangular and measures about 20″ x 60″.  When using square scarves i fold them into triangular shape and wear them further back on my head leaving bangs and/or back of my hair hanging out.  Most scarves you will find will be cotton, rayon, wool, silk, linen or a polyester blend.

You can purchase cute scarves from Forever21, Old Navy, H&M, Target.

scarves at old navy


The beautiful thing about wrapping your hair is that you don’t really have to do anything to it first.  In the picture above my hair is in a wild and free fro underneath.  You do want to  thoroughly moisturizing and seal the hair first before wrapping it up.  When wearing wool or cotton make sure you protect your hair by wearing a satin cap or scarf  as a barrier to protect your hair from the fabric.  You may opt to put your hair into a pony to help manage it, however you want to put the ponytail where you plan on tying it.  So if you want to tie it in the back put the pony in the back and vice versa.  If you are leaving your hair loose just push it in the direction and wrap it down using the scarf.    If you are looking for volume I suggest leaving your hair out and using it to create volume under the scarf.


While there are some pretty clever knotting techniques out there you can get by with simple overhand knot (this is the knot you use to tie your shoes), twisting and tucking.  If you are feeling fierce you can opt to incorporate pins, clasps, hairties or broaches.  In the picture above I tied a square knot (two overhand knots), twisted the ends together, then wrapped into a bun and tucked the ends.  If you cannot get the bun to stay use a hairtie to secure.

How to

Here are some great tuts from some awesome YTers on how they wrap their hair.

First up is my girl Chescalocs.  She shares several stylings that can be done on locs or loose hair.

NikkiMae of NaturalChica shows you how to do a cute bangs out style.

MsVCharles has a simple innovative idea on how to get your headwrap to stay on if you have problems with slipping.

Alex of The Good Hair Blog has a simple, quick and easy headwrap.

Destiny of Destiny Godly gives tips on glaming up traditional turbans

Toni Daley does super cute and easy headwraps using t-shirt

So get wrapping folks and send in a pic, we would love to see your styles!


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