One Weave Queen’s Big Chop

This is a very special post for me.  My girl “Dio” has been my bestie since high school and we have been through so much for these 15+ years.   Dio has always been fierce and in style.  When she first expressed her thoughts to me about going natural my heart leaped for joy, but Dio changes her hair styles frequently so I was not too sure on whether or not she would continue.  When she called me last week to tell me she was finally going to big chopped I admit I hit my dougie.  I asked her to write a few words on why she went natural.

My sister C. Rose & Dio, before

September 2010, I had my last relaxer.  At that time, it was not a conscious decision to transition to being natural, but I had a weave in my hair from over the summer and when I took it out that fall, I decided to put in half wigs and just flat iron the front.  In September when I got that last relaxer my scalp was so irritated that I could not bring myself to put one in my hair in October and the half wigs worked so well, I figured that I would give my hair a much needed break for a couple of months before putting a relaxer in my hair in December.  December was the month that I HAD to look good.  It was the month that I was finally graduating from college so there were pictures to be had!  That winter after realizing that I did not die nor did my hair fall out from not having a relaxer I decided that I was going to go natural and see what would happen.  It was far better than having the constant flaky scalp from the psoriasis that was caused by my relaxer treatments. 

 Dio @ Granduation

Fast forward to present day.  I finally did it!  After wearing long weaves and relaxers as long as I could remember, it was time to cut off all my relaxed ends.  I had just had surgery and I decided that now was the time to do it, plus here in Las Vegas, it gets hot enough in the summer that I would rather have the option of easy, heat free styles that did not involve a half wig or weave to sweat under.  I just took braids out of my hair, so braids were not an option for me at this time either.  I did my research, found a hair stylist that specializes in natural hair here in Las Vegas (shout out to Braid Studio’s Veronica!) and I set my appointment.  Thankfully there was not that much to cut because I had done most of the work, unintentionally by chopping some of my braids too short when taking them down.  After eight months of transitioning, I was ready even though I originally planned to transition for a year.  That night when my mom saw my hair, she said, “At least you have your wigs” [editor’s note: this is hillarious if you know Dio”s mom.  She is full of back-handed comments but will always tell you the truth, lol gotta love brutal honesty]  I get that this is not for everyone, but I embrace my tiny curls, and I will even rock a fro when the mood strikes.  It is a new beginning for me and while I will never say that I will not wear long weaves, half wigs and the sort ever again, I will say that I love the natural me and I love how it makes me feel. 

Thank you Dio for sharing your Big Chop story!


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