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Best Blogger Friends–Monica, Myself & L

In my previous post, I gave it up to my fav vloggers, but I cannot forget about the bloggers who, like me, put it down.  Bloggers have been around for a long time putting pen to pad and documenting regimens, making growth charts, and providing feedback to the natural hair community.  There are definitely Blogging “heavy-weights” in the Natural Hair community Culy Nikki, Black Girl Long Hair, and TGIN but there are also a lot of great lesser-known bloggers that are equally as awesome. So here are 10 bloggers I think you should know.

Natural Review by L  I must say that L is my BBF (Best Blogger Friend) however this is not a conflict of interest because I fell in love with her through her blog.  L posts include a lot of smaller natural hair companies including accessories that are often overlooked or just have not made a splash on the scene yet.  She provides great info on natural ingredients and ayurvedic treatments. 

Quest for the Perfect Curl I mentioned Elle as one of my favorite vloggers but she is also once of my favorite bloggers.  As stated before Elle is Queen of the PJ’s and can give you insight I just about every product line or ingredient.  She is big on instructing others on what works for their hair and how to define their own hair regimen. 

Knaps Girl I simply adore Monica.  She has such a down-to-Earth and common-sense approach to hair care.  Monica does a lot of great everyday hairstyles that can be easily put into your regimen. 

Glamswagger This site is awesome as Q is natural her way.  She does natural styles as well as incorporates the use of wigs and weaves using her hair to compliment her own natural beauty.  Great place to get a variety of advice and looks for your hair. 

Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care Don’t let the name fool you.  This blog is written by Rory, a Caucasian mother who blogs about styling her daughter Boo’s hair.  Mama Rory does so many brilliant styles that our great for all ages.

Natural Selection  Cassadie provides great info on natural hair, travel, and products as well as hosting tons of meet-ups for those in the West Coast.

Naturally Me Media Tarin is the phenom behind Fro Fashion week and just a natural hair mini-mogul.  I’ve met her in person and she is just as sweet as can be and her hair is so fierce. 

Afrobella  This site is great for health, beauty tips along with natural hair.  She also has great giveaways and is a vlogger as well.

Beads Braids & Beyond This site is geared toward younger girls however I have found a lot of helpful tips and advice here.  Lil A’s mom does such creative styles it will have you wishing your mother had that level of dedication with your hair when you were younger.

MahoganyKnots Tutorials, recipes, giveaways, oh my!  This site is run by friends Mahogany Bella and Ebony Knots who have their own opinions to natural hair care.  They are also the geniuses behind the famed “Natural Hair Expert” vids which are hilarious!

So that’s my list of Natural Hair Bloggers you should follow.  Do you have any favorite blogs not listed above? Please leave a comment and let us know who they are.


5 thoughts on “My Favorite Bloggers

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  2. is there anyone out there that blogs/vlogs about locs? I moved to Dayton, Ohio 3 years ago from Philadelphia, PA,, and it seems I must maintain my own locs because there are no locticians here. I have gone to several beauticians that claim they do locs. They seem to forgot that locs are a natural hairstyle and tend to use spritzes, and other un-natural products

    • There are many approaches to maintaining locs and it can be a struggle to find someone who mirrors your opinions. There are so many vlogs about locs it is crazy. A few I like include Chescalocs, CurlyNuGrowth and tbey82

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