Twisted Updo

Twisted Updo Natural Hair 1
White Party Bound

Last week was Derby here in Louisville and while the purpose is a 2 minute race run by 3 year-old horses, real Louisvillians know the main event is all the parties!  My curlfriends and I were headed to the Eve of Elegance All White Party.  This is a pretty swanky event held at the historic Galt House Hotel. 

My goal was to look fly, sophisticated and sexy so I was going to rock a fierce twist-out which is my go to style.  However after watching this vid posted by Natural Review I decided to try my hand at a twisted updo and save myself the heartache of having sweat my hair out to a big puffy mess!

Twisted Updo Natural Hair 2So this was my hair before, earlier in the day.  I simply put in chunky 2 strand twists with a right-side part.

In the video the vlogger pinned her hair to the side but I was in no mood to dig for bobby pins so I had my daughter, french braid my twists on the right side of my head in a sweeping motion down and around and secured the braid with a small clip.  Yep, that was it.  Below are 360 pics. Twisted Updo Natural Hair 4 Twisted Updo Natural Hair 5 Twisted Updo Natural Hair 3

Do you have a creative style to add life to your twists? Share it here with us :)


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