My Favorite Vloggers

Elle aka YT denimpixie

Vloggers (video bloggers) have been a real God-send to the natural hair community.  A visual how-to on caring for your hair can be so much more helpful than words alone or even pictures.  I do not vlog because it is a lot of work to make, edit and manage videos so I am uber-grateful to those who do.  There are definitely YouTube Natural Hair stars like Taren916, PrettyDimples01, Nikkimae2003 and KimmayTube, but there are also a lot of great lesser-known vloggers that are equally as awesome. So here are 10 vloggers I think you should know.

AfrikanHairGod  Think men can’t do natural hair? Well you are wrong because homeboy is BAD!  Twists, braids, updos he does it all and has a lot of tutorials also on how to do the basics.

BlakIzBeautyful Janelle is so very creative with her styling and makes sure to let you know every step in the process.  I have used her vids for inspiration when I am in a hair rut.  Great styles for shorter-haired, tightly-coiled naturals.

Chescalocs  I have followed Franchesca for a long time and even though I do not have locs, I have a bad case of loc envy.  She does great loc tutorials on hair styles, loc care/maintenance, accessories, etc and she is very funny and entertaining to watch.  She also has a non-hair related channel Chescaleigh that is also awesome to watch.

Curlychronicles She has great vids on maintaining styles and how to do simple effortless styles that still look super fab.

Denimpixie  I have known Elle’s on the forums and twitter and she is just awesome.  She is also one of the biggest PJ’s I know.  Her reviews are great as she will often compare similar products to let you know why you would want to choose one over the other and she focuses on hair characteristics in making her recommendations.

Jcokes7  Janeen is a PJ on the come-up.  She is great at pairing products together to make the best of your hairdo.  She also has some great giveaways.

LolaKinkz Great product reviews and she is very “genuine” in her reviews giving her real an honest opinion.  Though she has short/medium length hair she does a lot of experimenting with different styles.

Naptural85 She does not have as many vids as others but she is very thorough in her tutorials and is an excellent twister/braider.

Nriccaboni I have followed Nicole for a while and I like that she has been vlogging for a long time.  You can actually see her sisterloc journey from start to present. I love that she is just an everyday girl just trying to do something with her hair.  She will keep you up to date on her journey, what works, what doesn’t and what progress she has made.

PrettyNaturalDivas If you had two younger sisters and they documented their natural hair journey it would be these two.  I fell in love with these girls after they made the “Natural Hair Song” last year.  These friends use the buddy system to document their journey both good and bad from products, weaves, styles and they even include bloopers. 

So that’s my list of Natural Hair Vloggers you should follow.  Do you have any favorite vloggers not listed above? Please leave a comment and let us know who they are.


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