2 Strand Flat Twists & Twist-Out

In my previous post I wrote about My Experience at Natural Alternatives Salon  but I really didn’t go into the style I received.

I wanted a style that would be good for traveling on a bus trip that would be low maintenance, yet still fly and different so I went with 2 Strand Flat Twists.

After washing, conditioning, steaming, detangling, Dakota used a rat-tail comb to create curved partings.  He then applied Moroccan Oil Curl Control Cream and 2 Strand Flat Twisted my hair into 11 twists.  I always get an odd number of twists or braids so that my hair in the back does not look like it was parted by Moses.  I find straight backs have more of a masculine look so I had him use the side as the focal point for the twists.  25 minutes under the dryer and I was finished.

Here are the final results, I decided the place the twists into a side bun and rock a flower accessory for added style.

Flat Twists Natural Hair 1This flower came from a BSS in Ohio courtesy of my girl Tanya
Flat Twists Natural Hair 2Right Side
Flat Twists Natural Hair 3Left Side
Flat Twists Natural Hair 4Back

My original plan was to undo my twists once I got to the hair show and wear a uber defined twist-out. BUT I received so many compliments and the twists looked good I decided to keep them in.  To maintain the twists I sprtiz my scalp with Oyin Greg Juice for moisture.  I promised Dakota that I would put some shine on my twists but I needed to find something that was silicone free.  I borrowed my cousin’s Shea Moisture Hold & Shine Moisture Mist and it gave me great all day shine.

I wore the twists for 5 days before taking them down for a twist out. To prep my hair for the twist-out I rubbed some Karen’s Body Beautiful Butter Love over the twists and carefully un-raveled.  This resulted in the best damn twist-out period!

Flat Twist Out Natural Hair 1the mother of all twist-outs
Flat Twist Out Natural Hair 2twist-out day 2, still cute

The 2 Strand Flat Twist is any easy technique to master, check out these YouTube vids on how to do it yourself.

From BlakIzBeautyful http://youtu.be/ytEJfuOJtDU

From AfrikanHairGod http://youtu.be/vksDQRhdNkA

From expertvillage http://youtu.be/VRJv7F-n7H4

Or if you just can’t get it down then call up Natural Alternatives Salon and make an appointment (502) 473-8882.


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