My Experience @ Natural Alternatives Salon

Natural Alternatives Salon

1949 Bardstown Road Louisville KY 40205


I wanted to look fly for the World Natural Hair Show so I called up Natural Alternatives Salon (NAS) and made an appointment with my stylist Dakota.  Dakota is a great natural hair stylists who is attentive to his client’s needs which for me means lots of time in the bowl on the scalp massage, no heat styling and avoiding products with cones, sulfates, mineral oil, etc as much as possible.

Dakota & I

When I walked in for my appointment I was greeted by the beautiful Jessica Taylor, the salon coordinator, who’s wonderful smile and sparkling personality welcomed me in.  I was offered my choice of wine, mimosa or Voss Artisan water from Norway.  From the lavish artistic decor, sweet smell of Aveda fragrance oil, the top of the line equipment and the best styling products it is evident that the NAS is not your average hair shop, but truly an upscale salon.

My hair was washed and conditioned with Alaffia, one of my favorite product lines.  Alaffia products are all natural and they also help support the women of West Africa where the Fair Trade Shea Butter is made.  I love spending time in the bowl because nothing is better than a good scalp massage and Dakota did not disappoint.

Under the MicroMist

Next I got my hair steamed under the MicroMist Ultra-Sonic Hair Steamer.  According to the manufacturer the MicroMist “treats hair more effectively than other steamers by using ultrasonic vibrations to emit an enormous quantity of microscopic water particles that permeate deep into hair follicles. After treatment, cooling air blows to reinforce fixation of treatment agents to hair follicles, while at the same time creates a relaxing and calming sensation for you.”

What I can say is that the MicroMist is different than other steamers that I have seen and used. First, is the fact that the Micro Mist uses a system of washable terry cloth velcro strips that wrap around your forehead to prevent dripping along with a cinching sack that keeps the steam in.  This is important as I have heard instances of people being burned by other steamers. Secondly, the MicroMist opens from the back which allows the stylist to access your hair without having to take you out from under it and reposition you.  Lastly, the MicroMist has a cooling cycle that works to close the cuticle after treatment and prevents burns from hot water/steam coming off the hair after treatment.

After my steam treatment I had my hair 2-Strand Flat Twisted while wet using Moroccan Oil Curl Control Cream and sat under the dryer for 25 minutes to set the style.  All in all I was at the shop for 90 minutes and spent $55 for the service and left a happy customer.  So if you are looking for a hair salon I strongly suggest you check out Natural Alternatives Salon.

Below are some additional pictures from the salon

if the sign is out front, then come on in
front desk
reception area
work station

Meet the Stylists:

Shaha & Regina
Te & Dakota

11 thoughts on “My Experience @ Natural Alternatives Salon

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  2. Great Post! Love the pictures too! I stumbled on to your blog when I searched for this salon. I passed the salon for the 20th time today and finally remembered the name long enough to search it haha! I wasn’t sure if what they called “natural” was really “natural” and if they did our kind of hair. I am very happy to read your blog. Turns out the salon is everything I dreamed it could be! I can’t wait to try it out! Love your twists! I am new to the area and new to being natural. So this was very helpful! Thanks!

    • awesome! I am glad you found my review the salon is really something special. Since you are new to the area be sure you follow the blog and like me on fb as we have events every month and it is a great way to meet new people :)

  3. So glad you submitted this blog.I became truly natural by accident.I I decided to let my hair grow out during this deployment. I went on a short vacation and asked if I could get my hair braided and ends clipped, needless to say, I received a cut all of my perm was cut off and I had no choice but to rock the natuaral look. Since I am natural and truly natural I want a hair style that I can wear with in regulations I will certainly find this shop when I get back..

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  5. I am new at having natural hair, and yesterday was my first appointment at this wonderful salon. I was so amazed at the beautiful decor and personalites of the staff. OMG is how I would rate my experience! Te did my hair and she walked me step by step to having natural hair. By the time she finished shampooing my hair I knew that I would become a loyal client. My experience has left me thinking I should have went natural a loooonngg time ago!

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  7. Luv this post came across it while searching for a salon that specialized in natural hair. I am not natural yet, it’s only been two months since my last relaxer. I’m starting my natural hair journey, but I don’t want to do the big chop. Will this be possible?

    • Yes you can just transition to natural which means to stop relaxing your hair and let your “new growth” grow out. You want to work on cutting off the relxed ends an inch or so every couple of months. This is how I transitioned my own hair.

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