Product Review: Karen’s Body Beautiful

Thanks to my good friend Rashida I was able to try out some samples from Karen’s Body Beautiful

The coolest thing about KBB products is that they are available in 13 different scents that way you never have to worry about loving the product but hating the smell.  The scents are: Unscented, Chamomile Sage, Coco Lime, Coconut Fig, Cranberry Cocktail, Creamy Coco Mango, Egyptian Musk, Honey Oatmeal, Lavender Vanilla, Luscious Pear, Pomegranate Guava, Vanilla Latte or White Tea.  While I have not smelled them all, I am partial to the Lavender Vanilla while my girl T Payne is all about the Honey Oatmeal.

Sweet Ambrosia

$16 for 6 ounces

Available online at KBB or at Go Natural Hair & Body Boutique

Sweet Ambrosia is a light hair milk.  It is very moisturizing and will leave your hair silky.  I used this under a gel that tends to be drying to my hair and I loved the combo!  It is great when used on wet or dry hair though I prefer use on wet hair.  I used it on freshly washed hair and while it is not a styler and did not make my curls pop, it did keep my hair very soft and did not weigh my curls down.

In my opinion if there is ONE product in this line that you try make sure it is this one.  It is a little pricey, not meeting my $10 rule, but if I was going to splurge this would be one to splurge on.

Butter Love

$18 for 6 ounces

Available online at KBB or at Go Natural Hair & Body Boutique

Truth be told I am not a butter lover.  My hair prefers light oils and the only time I really use them is when I straighten my hair which is only a few times a year.  That said I thought this butter was okay.  I actually did not even plan on using it that is until my curlfriend Brokey tweeted about how awesome it was and how she wanted some as a gift.  So I cracked open the jar expecting to find a traditional glob of shea.  It actually looks like Vaseline.  The butter is more like a solidified oil (think solid coconut oil) that emulsifies very easily.  It is surprisingly light which was good for my hair.  I did not fall in love with it but I think it was neat.  If I were to use it I think I would rub it on my braids and twists to seal in moisture and tame frizzies.  I used it on my skin though and liked it much better as a skin sealant for my hands and elbows.

So as for the butter love it really wasn’t hitting for me.  I liked the product though but it is just not something I really need in my regimen and then of course there is the price as I stated with the Sweet Ambrosia, however I would not splurge on this product. 


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