Putting My Curls to Bed

This is an old pic of my son JK, he put a stocking on his head because he saw me do it.

I get asked this question “what do you do with your hair at night” a lot so I decided to write a quick post on how I put my curls to bed.  Regardless of the hairstyle I am rocking I basically do the same thing every night, I am just a creature of habit.

I recently conducted a poll and most of you stated that you wear a hair bonnet at night.  Well I have too much hair for a standard size bonnet and they were always slipping off my hair at night.  Through the years I have tried satin bonnets and scarves, silk pantyhose, wrap cap, etc.  and none really worked well for me.

My regimen is now a quick and easy two part system.

Step 1: Satin Pillowcase

These are widely available from the simple $8 Evolve brand found at Wal-Mart, Sally’s or a BSS or the high class Sharmooz (http://sharmooz.com/) either way this is your best line of protection against excessive rubbing which can lead to breakage.  Also it is effortless so on nights when you are dog tired and simply crash into bed you do not need to remember to put anything on or tie up your hair.

everyone in my house has a satin pillowcase to sleep on.

Step 2: Extra Wide Stretch Headband

This is my secret weapon. The Extra Wide Stretch Headband from Heads Ta-getha by wethree queens is a fabulous invention.  It is made from a stretchy fabric material similar to fabric book covers that you put over textbooks.  I love this headband because it is easy to put on by simply slipping it over your head, it gently stretches to accommodate any hair style and it stays on all night without coming off.  The headbands are actually meant to be worn as a style accessory and I like it for that too but I love it for sleeping.  They come in a variety of styles and colors also. Check out their website http://www.headstagetha.com/stretchheadbands.html

This is the actual pattern that I have

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