Natural Hair Style: Cornrows

My mama came to town to visit me and my family but I wasn’t going to let her leave without getting her hands in my hair! :)  My mama is the best cornrow-er (yeah I said it) she braids with her fingertips which accounts for tight, neat braiding that doesn’t require pulling or too much tension.

I had her give me an odd number of cornrows with a side part in front.  I chose an odd number so that when i took the braids down to wear my braid-out I would not have a part down the middle of my head that looked like Moses did it (lol).  Below are the pix of the finished braids, the fact that my mama wanted to gel down my “baby hair”, yeah no thanks I will pass.

right side
back view
left side

I wore the braids pulled back into a bun for 5 days.  Each morning I spritzed my hair with Oyin Handmade Greg’s Juice to keep my scalp moisturized.  I used a shower cap while bathing to avoid the braids from swelling.  At night I slept with my Heads Ta-getha! scarf. 

On Friday morning I took the braids down for what should have been an awesome braid-out, but with the rain and humidity it looked more like a stretched wash-n-go. 


If you are talented enough to be able to cornrow your own hair or know someone who can cornrow your hair for you I highly advise that you try this style.  For longer, stretched braids after washing and conditioning your hair detangle it and put it into plaits and let it air dry before braiding.


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