Product Review: Anita Grant Rhassoul Clay Deep Condish

This is the cute package I received from Anita Grant.
It contained 3 cubes of Rhassoul Clay, Organic Rose & Jasmine Oil and the signature “Hello Beautiful” card <3

Rhassoul Clay Deep Conditioning Treatment

Anita Grant

Available online

90 grams for $12

I received the above care package from the nice folks from Anita Grant who contacted me via twitter (@HereIsMySpout) and asked if I would like to try their Rhassoul Clay Deep Condish.  I emailed them immediately with my shipping information and about a week later I received my package (it came from across the pond).  I was really excited to try this product as I had seen a few reviews on it around the blogosphere.  I love natural and organic products straight from the Earth that contain ingredients with pronounceable names, my hair just seems to behave its best with these things. 

Truth be told I do not DC very often, I prefer to pre-poo my hair instead, however I told myself I should try to DC at least once a month which works out great as this is a monthly treatment.

The package comes with instructions but they are in metric units so you need to convert them to US standard units.  I was not sure how many of the cubes to use so I went with all 3 of them.  You are supposed to use 25 ml of hot water per cube so I needed 75 ml. However in my conversion I inverted the ratio and used 3 cups of water instead of 1/3 cup OOPS!  The mixture was very runny like watery cocoa.  I did not want to throw out the mixture so I placed it in a pot over high heat and once it began to boil I simmered it stirring constantly.  I was able to reduce the mixture down to 1 1/2 cups and it was a little thicker.  **NOTE TO SELF: ALWAYS DOUBLE CHECK CONVERSIONS**

I poured the cooled mixture into a color applicator bottle and applied to clean dry hair in the shower to minimize the spillage and mess.  I then covered my hair with a plastic cap and tied a bandanna around the edge to catch any drips.  I allowed the mixture to sit for about an hour.

the shower cap life :)

I rinsed my hair 3 times under warm water until the water ran clear.  When it was all over my hair felt incredibly soft and my curls looked amazing! Even my wavy section in front had more life!

curls poppin’ everywhere

I allowed my hair to air dry not wanting to disturb my curl pattern so I tied it back using the same bandanna to keep it out of my face.

5 Things I Loved About This Product:

1.  It smells like cocoa butter when solid and like hot cocoa when water is added.

2.  It does not require a lot of preparation like henna treatments do and it is easy to clean up.

3.  My hair felt so incredibly soft and natural after use.  There was no film or coating just fresh hair.

4.  It does not impart a smell on your hair.  While I love yummy smelling products they can be a bit overwhelming..

5.  All natural ingredients including Rhassoul Clay, Cocoa and Murumuru Butter, Green and Black Cocoa Powder among others.

Bottom line this is unlike any DC I have ever used and it is a keeper!  I will live up to my commitment of DCing at least once a month, I am actually looking forward to it!


5 thoughts on “Product Review: Anita Grant Rhassoul Clay Deep Condish

  1. Is this good for someone with transitioning hair? I’m 8 months post relaxer and still have permed ends, but I’m desperately looking for a good deep conditioner that’s more natural than not. Thanks!

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