Product Review: Koils By Nature Herbal Gel

Koils By Nature

Available at

16 oz for $12

From the website:

Soothing Herbal Lavender & Eucalyptus Gel contains no alcohol and will not dry out your hair.  Soothing Herbal Lavender & Eucalyptus will provide your hair with great hold and is excellent for defining your natural curl, two-strand twist and excellent for smoothing your edges.  The Shea oil & honey will keep your hair moisturized, soft and lustrous. Soothing Herbal Lavender & Eucalyptus gel works great in combination with the Nourishing Hair & Body Butter.

I really liked this gel. My hair does not like protein gels like your typical store brands, but prefers gels made from mucilage like aloe, flax seed, marshmallow roots, etc.  This gel provides a mild hold and is great for Wash-N-Go’s or for twisting styles.  It helps promote the curl in my hair so it is probably not good for slicking back edges but I did not try it.  I ordered the Eucalyptus & Lavender gel which is what the package read, however the smell and the ingredients list let me know that I actually received the peppermint gel.  It took me a while to figure out why the gel was scented so strongly with mint but after discovering the mix-up I decided to keep it anyway.  The gel has more of a watery feel then a sticky one which is fine by me.

5 Things I Liked About This Product:

1.  The ingredients are natural and alcohol free.

2.  A little gel goes a long way.  I purchased this gel back in November and it lasted until March.

3.  The gel provides just enough hold without making the hair crunchy or crispy.  If you do happen to use too much you can easily add some water if the hair is still wet or you can add some hair butter if it is dry.

4.  The gel does not flake and is good for 2-3 day hair.

5.  While the gel is not moisturizing it is not overly drying either. 

I liked this gel and will re-order it again, however I will not order the peppermint scent as it is very strong, too much for my liking.  On a positive note I applied the gel to my wash-n-go one morning when I had a stuffy nose and it opened my nose right up :)

Wash-N-Go using KBN Herbal Gel

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