These Are My Confessions…

I was inspired to write this in reply to a post by my “natural-hair-best-friend-I-have-never-met-in-real-life” L of NaturalReview her blog is amazing I frequent in daily so you should check it out.

Anyway she listed 10 Natural Hair Confessions and I wanted to do the same, so without any further ado…

1.  When getting my hair trimmed I perfer to go to a hair school over a salon as students are far more apt to listen to what I have to say.

2.  I have loc envy that flares up every couple of months. I keep thinking about locing my hair, but I am scared of making such a permanent decision.

3.  I love to talk to anyone who will listen about natural hair, curly hair, hair treatments,etc. even strangers on the street.

4.  I gave my mother an *extreme side-eye* earlier this week after she told me she couldn’t wear her hair natural because she “doesn’t have my grade of hair”.  What the….. c’mon son.

5.  Most of my good friends have natural hair, I like to call them my curlfriends.

6.  I get really irritated when noobs ask me questions like “what is my curl type?”

7.  I have a “thing” for men with locs, especially chocolate men…yum!

8.  I put more faith into styling my hair through manipulation than I do in products.

9.  I rarely DC my hair, I prefer to pre-poo instead.

10.  I often spend Friday nights watching youtube vids, posting on forums and reading blogs on natural hair.



3 thoughts on “These Are My Confessions…

  1. First, I love the photo. I can relate to a bunch of these. I find that pre-poos make more of a difference for me than DCs. They also doesn’t require me to get back into the shower. And yes, Locs + chocolate= delicious.

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