Drugstore Conditioner Challenge: Yes to, Herbal Essence, VO5

We talk up a lot of specialty product lines but there are plenty of great products found in the drugstore.

For this challenge I compared Yes to Carrots (Target $7.99) against Herbal Essences Hello Hydration (Walgreens $3.99) and VO5 Moisture Milks Passion Fruit Smoothie (Kroger $1.05).

In preparing my hair for the fall and winter season I had used some shealoe whipped hair butter and was going on 2 weeks without a wash so I was in dire need of a good cleansing and conditioning.  After shampooing my hair, I divided it into 3 sections.


Section 1 YTC

Smell: Light scent sort of like baby powder.

Feel: This conditioner looks thin and runny, but it is has a whipped or gelatinous feel to it.

I applied a palm-full of conditioner and it distributed easily throughout the hair.  After massaging the conditioner into my tangled mane I twisted and clipped the hair up and allowed to sit for 10 minutes.   I then finger-combed the section, which was surprisingly easy.  With this conditioner a little goes a long way so there is no need to be heavy-handed.  It provides great slip and leaves the hair soft, moisturized and manageable.


Section 2 HH

Smell:  Deliciously tropical.

Feel: This conditioner was surprisingly thick.

I applied a palm-full of conditioner to the hair, but it was not enough to distribute through.  The conditioner was so thick I had to re-wet my hair and add another palm-full of conditioner.  As I massaged the conditioner into my hair it felt thick and coated.  Also the smell became too overpowering and started to give me a headache.  No me gusta.  After twisting and clipping the hair I let the conditioner sit for 10 minutes.  Finger-combing though this section was a bit more difficult as the shed hairs were sticking to my fingers and hands.  I had to re-wet the hair again to give it some slip as I detangled.


Section 3 VO5

Smell: Honestly it smells like a fruity mixed drink.

Feel: Light and a little runny.

I applied a palm-full of conditioner to the hair and it actually foamed.  What the… I have never had a conditioner do that before.  I now understand why this is a popular for co-washing.   I actually re-checked the bottle to make sure it was not shampoo.  I thought the conditioner was going to be too runny or watery but it was fine, very similar to my Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut.  I did not massage this conditioner in as I felt it would make it too sudsy so I just twisted and clipped the hair up and allowed it to sit for 10 minutes.  Finger-combed through the section, which was easy although my hair did not feel as soft as the other sections.

The Verdict: Yes to Carrots is still one of my favorite drugstore conditioners hands down.  Although other naturals love Herbal Essences Hello Hydration I did not care for it and would not repurchase.  The smell was overpowering and it was too thick yet not very moisturizing.  VO5 Moisture Milks Passion Fruit Smoothie might be the best co-wash conditioner!  This is definitely getting added to my HG though I will follow it up with a creamy conditioner for added moisture and softness.


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